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Posted by Megan Davis on November 07, 2000 at 13:18:34:

I have been coming to this sight for about 6 months now and have only squeaked in a couple times. Now I need to talk and am glad there are others to listen. I have all the signs of GWS and the worst are Fibromyalgia, Severe memory loss and rapid cycling manic depression. There are many other things but those are the basics. The thing that concerns me the most about all of this is that my 14 year old daughter is as bad as me if not worse. She has the Fibromyalgia, memory loss and manic depression but she also has a severe allergy (new) to any dairy products, bad yeast infections around her mouth, ezcema, migraines and severe anxiety attacks. She is treated for depression and the ADD that accompanies it. So far she does ok but for both of us it takes every ounce of energy we have to make it through one day. If it were just me I wouldn't be so sad but she is so young and so smart she shouldn't have to live with this. The newest thing is that she is losing her eyelashes. I tried to take her to the doctor and they couldn't tell me anything. She's going back today and will continue to go back until I am satisfied with an answer. If I even mention GWS to any of the doctors I see, especially the pediatricians, they look at me like I am inventing stories or just using that as an excuse. People are so uneducated!!!! I am a nurse in the profession and Know that people don't pay attention. I have been put on Desipramine which works well for depression and ADD and was put on Neurontin just recently for mania. I can't tell you how well the Neurontin works for me!!!!! It is an anticonvulsant which has also shown to help memory. IT WORKS!!! I love it, I still have some breakthrough crazies but can now hold down a job and have somewhat of a normal life at home. Sometimes though I wish my brain would just explode and be over with it!!! Thanks for listening, this really helps.

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