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Posted by Doug on November 20, 2000 at 14:37:08:

In Reply to: The lies behind GWS posted by Doug on November 12, 2000 at 12:50:15:

In response to Donny, Frieda, and all others concerned.

: This is a disheartening letter which needs to be heard. America should be irately angry as much as I am, for there is a very huge lie stemming from the government that we do not know can be reversed. Of which I can neither confirm nor deny, that our own high level government officials had a financial interest in the selling of the materials sold to Iraq in the years prior to the War. Including the Nuclear
: and Biological base compounds, regenerated, and used against us while we were in the region. You will certainly never hear an admission from Washington DC about the countless 1000’s whom have suffered miserably from the irresponsible actions, and whom have since died. They can’t ignore the ailing living any longer. It is well past time for Veteran’s to send the anger back to the creators..

: I am a disabled veteran, whom was highly decorated during tours of duty, in Germany when “The Wall” came down, in South America at the tail end of the “Panama Conflict”, and in “The Gulf War”. I never questioned the methods or mannerisms, just followed the orders to a fault.

: I was in the Persian Gulf, during 1990-1991. I saw alot of elements there which I knew were of a dangerous nature. Little did I foresee just to what extent. I was wounded over there during combat, and still have malingering effects to this day. That is fine, I have learned to live with the discomfort. My dilemma is the US Government's press releases and follow up actions are far from plumb, level, square and accurate.

: Several years ago I started noticing changes with my physiology my moods, being sick quite more often, and the inability to recuperate from cuts, bruises, and general ill health. I seemed to be contracting serious ailments more often; such as, bronchitis and pneumonia.

: Over the years the frequency has greatly increased. All year long, I have been battling severe failing health; beginning with removal of pre-cancerous polyps. Severe incontinence and vomiting blood are certainly not elements that I have appreciated either. Sporatic nerve twitching, and violent muscle spasms are also inclusive of the realm. Having the flu without a fever, or having severe sweating and very high fever, and procuring itching quarter size rashes all over my body, top the list of joys that I experience.

: Over the last few years, I have constantly and consistently inquired about specific tests of diagnoses. The standard answer being the waiting list is very long and you have to go back East, to the major medical centers, or it was simply dismissed as a deep rooted Psychiatric Disorder.

: This year has proven to be especially daunting as all of the elements unfolded into one. Since February's surgery I have had major complications, and have been unable to heal entirelyand to this day, I still have severe abdominal pain, and cramping.

: Due to the fact that I have been so violently ill this year, I have been unable to work with any substinence. I spent the entire month’s of August, September, & October flat on my back in bed, in alot of pain. I am unable to stay in anyone position to long as it causes fatigue, major weakness, or extreme total boby pain accompanied by massive nerve shocks, or total body numbness. This causing severe financial destruction, only adding to the extremely dangerously high level of depression already set in.

: As if almost by accident, I was just recently made aware that there is help available here, and has been at the very same hospital that I have been frequenting. The Gulf War research clinic has been in place there since 1992!! Imagine my frustration when I heard that?? Why the secrecy and coverup?? Not even the people whom work there know about it.

: I am finally on the way into that clinic for help, but is it too little too late. I am now so tired and weak afetr losing 35 pounds this year, and have such severe muscle ache and fatigue, that it is causing a feeling of Necrosis throughout my entire body.

: After spending 1 week in the hospital, I was strongly encouraged to lose the idea that there is any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. During all of the MRI’s, EKG’s, EEG’s, EMG’s, and multiple blood tests, I remain undiagnosed and untreated. I was never granted the tests which I requested, i.e. DU (Depleted Uranium), Fybromyalgia, Anthrax Poisoning, and several other so called exotic diseases. I still have a high white count, and my body temperature runs between 96.5 and 104 degrees. I still have painful eyes, and alot of vision problems. These were never attended to either. I highly questions the use of medications, which were used anyways, only to send me reeling in pain, and making my condition worse. I was sent home with a myriad of medicines to only partially mask 1 of the problems. I have several adverse side effects that were ignored and the medications not changed. Including whole body nerve tremors, very arthritic swollen painful hands, constant extreme headaches, and severe agitation at everything. They essentially put a band-aid on a torpedo wound. I can hardly walk, if at all, and when I do it is extremely agonizing. Now mobility consists of using a cane. Not a nice option when you are all of 32 years old.

: I used to be very active and highly energetic. I was doing well in private business, and had a budding modeling and acting career. This has all been destroyed. I can only ask ( What If? )

: Doug

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