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Posted by Astra on December 12, 2000 at 13:05:16:

In Reply to: Fibromyalgia posted by Sherry Gulf War Veteran on September 18, 2000 at 14:01:27:

: Dear Gulf Vets
: I hope we are going to find answers soon! I lost my job today partly due or completly due to my
: constant pain, forgetfullness, fatigue, and fowl moods. I told my job I was filing for my va disablitiy
: because by law I had to tell them about any disabities. I hope we find a cure,or medication that
: helps us soon.
: A lvn I worked with loaned me this book on fibromyalgia. I must admit I have a lot of those symtoms;
: however, I don't beleive that is the complete answer of my problems. I constantly pulseate. I think my
: nuerons are constantly firing. When I squeze my fist tightly together I can feel the nerves pulseate or
: shake. I feel my hands shake,and sometimes I shake all over without squeezing my hands. However,
: I do recommend this book for reading. You shoud be able find it in your library. Fibromyalgia and chronic
: myofascial pain syndrome: a survival manu

You need to evaluate your diet since the symptoms you describe are typical of those related to salt deficiency and sometimes fat deficiency.

Salt (sodium chloride) provides the positive and negative ions that make the body's electrolytes and metabolizes our food. Salt restriction causes malabsorption which inevitably leads to malnutrition. Just salt to taste and your body will begin to heal.

The essential fatty acids of vegetable oils are also important because they lower blood cholesterol, metabolize fat, transmit brain and nerve signals and carry the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K. A deficiency may result in impaired absorption of calcium and magnesium which is associated with muscle cramps, carpopedal spasm, bone pain, fractures, osteoporosis and neurologic disorders.

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