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Re: constant headaches for 18 months

Re: constant headaches for 18 months

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Posted by Mary on July 18, 2000 at 09:26:59:

In Reply to: Re: constant headaches for 18 months posted by LSweenie on July 17, 2000 at 12:14:12:

: : : About 18 months ago I started experiencing constant dull headaches with sharper pains moving around my face and head. At first my doc said it was sinusitis and treated me for that for a while then I saw an ENT specialist who carried out scans and said it wasn't sinusitis but may be a type of migraine. So my doctor put me on Dothiepin which helps me sleep but hasn't taken away the pain. So we then tried Pizotifen which didn't help either and I went to see a neurologist who carried out MRI scans and said it was nothing serious and agreed that it was probably a form of migraine and recommended Propanolol. I tried taking this for a few months without success and then switched back to the Dothiepin because at least it helped me to sleep and my doctor said it is more effective the longer I take it.

: : : About 8 years ago when I was 12 I experienced a lot of migraines and it was nothing like I have now. Yes the pain was a lot worse and I would have blind spots etc. but I knew it would only last for a day or two whereas this is with me all the time. I don't know when I last had a day when I didn't have this constant pain in my head and feel exhausted no matter how much I sleep.

: : : For the last two months I have been receiving physio but have not had any success with that either. I've also had blood tests for diabetes and thyroid problems but no-one can find out what is wrong with me. My doctor has tried everything she can think of and now tells me I will just have to live with it. That's easy for her to say. I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who could give me any advice as to what I could try.
: : Time to head back to the neurologist or change neurologist. The are about a zillion medications that can be tried for chronic headaches so trying just a few and then telling you that you have to live with the pain is nonsense. Have you tried Nortriptyline yet? This is a very old antidepressant but is working well for my husband. Also I have read where many posters have gotten relief from using a bite guard type device at night. Don't let the doctor give up so easily on finding a solution for you. Good Luck.

: Thanks. I haven't tried Nortriptyline. Just now I'm just trying to find out as much info as I can
: about what has helped others to take back to my doc to try and convince her not to give up. I saw her last week and she said i'd just have to live with it and keep taking the Dothiepin for 6 months and then go back and see her.

: The neurologist I saw said his job was just to make sure there wasn't anything seriously wrong with me and once he had made sure of that he wasn't interested.

: I also saw my dentist to see if it could be TMJ or something to do with my bite but he says it's nothing dental.

: I get the impression most of the people on here are from America. Well I'm from Scotland and our medical system is rather different. I used to think that if I lived in the US then I'd probably have been cured a long time ago... i guess not...

I am seeing from these message boards too that not all medical systems run as well as ours does here in southern wisconsin. My husband happens to be involved with wonderful doctors and feel very lucky for that. Consider trying a bite guard even though the dentist says it's not mouth related and keep after your doctor to try different medications. Nortriptyline by the way happens to be one of the oldest antidepressants still around these days which has worked well in the past which is why they tried that one first for my husband instead of something newer.

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