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Re: Silent Mingraine Headaches??

Re: Silent Mingraine Headaches??

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Posted by Jester on August 04, 2000 at 16:45:19:

In Reply to: Re: Silent Mingraine Headaches?? posted by Laura on July 27, 2000 at 19:47:50:

: : : I have been suffering for about 3 weeks now with simptions associated with I think Silent Migraines. I have searched the web over and can't find one thing on them. It started 3 weeks ago with a very intense attack of dizzyness while driving. It came out of no where. When I went to the ER the doctor said that it was associated to hypertensia. Though not having as severe of an attack as that one 3 weeks ago, I still do have alot of dizzy spells simular to what I have read with aura. The tingling and numbness is almost constent everyday with different degrees throughout the day and constant pressure on my head and neck. From what I have been told silent migraines are migraines without the associated extreme pain. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

: : The tingling and numbness need further investigation. You also mentioned that the ER doc told you it was hypertension. This means high blood pressure and also needs immediate attention since all of these signs and symptoms can possibly be signs of a stroke or aneurysm. Make and appointment ASAP to have this checked out and in the mean time do NOT drive while you are having these symptoms as this can be very dangerous for you and any one else on the road. Good Luck.

: Hello Patty,
: I suffer from silent migraines ... your symptoms don't sound like a migraine attack. Silent migraines are typically show problems with vision, auditory, and sometimes numbness. Because you are getting dizzy, I would think it is hypertension. Have you seen a chiropractor? Perhaps your pain in the neck and radiating numbness is due to your bones being out of alignment? If it's stress, then check how much movement your scalp has over your head, if it's tight, then likely tense. Also, it is possible you get dizzy by holding your breath without realizing it, this is also a response to stress. Try some deep breathing exercises throughout the day. I personally would go everything that's happened to you in the past month to determine what could have changed to cause this (accident in car? change in your life? different pillow/bed? change about to happen in your life? ) I don't think it's serious like the previous response, you need to get your life in balance and the tenseness will go away. Good luck! Laura

I have to disagree with the last person's comment. When I get sever migraines, I do get dizzy. One time I was sitting at my computer at work and it felt like the computer and desk were floating up to my head quickly, but instead I was extremely dizzy and my head was falling. This happened just before a migraine happened. Everyone has differnet "precursors" to migraines. just because one person who suffers from migraines thinks you're full of it, you're not!!

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