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Re: To LTaylor and Mary

Re: To LTaylor and Mary

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Posted by LTAYLOR on August 28, 2000 at 14:38:21:

In Reply to: To LTaylor and Mary posted by Kathy on August 27, 2000 at 16:24:42:

Thank you for your support - It may not be a cure - but it sure feels good knowing we are not alone or crazy.

: : I have the same symptoms you describe. In my 20's they were classic menstrual migraines and very infrequent. Now in my 30's all has changed not only have they increased in frequency & severity the symptoms have changed also. I do not get the flashing light auras but I do get what you called grey vision as if one eye -depending on what side the migraine is on - has a film over it & I loose my depth perception. What sent me to a neurologist was a migraine attack that started out with the same aura in the a.m., I awoke somewhat stiff and sore, but as the day progressed I noticed changes in my speech. My sentences were reversed, I could not come up with certain words and my speech was somewhat slurred. I then briefly lost control of my motor skills on my right side. This part of it lasted 5-10 min. The migraine then came on and did not respond to my miracle drug Imitrex. My husband who was out of town at the time insisted I go to the E.R. The nausea was uncontrollable even with phenergan. I have now noticed prior to a migraine my speech and motor skills are affected sometimes even w/out the aura. My CTScan was also normal and the neuro thinks they are still due to hormones. Diagnosis: Classic Migraines. My husband & I are trying to have a baby so I am limited in what I can use. My neuro and OB/Gyn have to work closely together. I did not tolerate the beta-blockers so I am back to square one. My OB-Gyn found a Headache clinic and I have an appointment Tuesday. Will follow up w/any new info then. Wishing all a pain free day.
: : : Hi All,
: : : I have a question, How many people here have Migranes that cause nasuea, and make you feel like you can hardly form a word, and make you sound as if you slur your sppech and have trouble concentrating.
: : : I am 40 and I have migrane with aura plus these symptoms as well..just had a MRI about 4 months ago and it was all normal. Have ha several normal Cts and Mris over the years..They say its Migranes, but I do not hear anyone else with these symptoms...
: : : I have been to four neuros and had many tests..The pain sometime goes down the back of my neck into my shoulders and sometimes it seems isolated to my face and eyes..I also get blurred and grayed vision,kinda dim...I would like to hear from others with this problem if there are any of you with the same..i don't want anyone else to suffer like this, but I feel so alone in my symptoms...
: : : Thanks to all in advance for any replies and I will check in frequently
: : : Kathy

: To JTaylor.
: Sounds like you have had a pretty rough go of it with the headaches and you sound just like me. They have told me its Migranes as well, but not classic..They told me possibly complicated or hemaphlegic or variant...But none of this is 100%.

: I do take a Beta Blocker and it has so many side effects..I went with no headaches at all while taking it 2 times a day when I cut back to one around came the period and bam I have a terrible headache that nothing helps and all the strange symptoms that go along with it. So I am back on twice a day..I also have tunnel vision with mine. And they last for days....
: The loss of use of the limb is scary..I have done that too...Good luck with your headaches and with having a little one...
: Take care

: Mary,
: Thank You very much for your input...I do appreciate it..Its good to have helpful thoughts from others who have the same sorts of trouble with headaches...
: Take care

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