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Re: What to do? help! contant swollen vein in temple, pain in eye .. acupuncture? biopsy?

Re: What to do? help! contant swollen vein in temple, pain in eye .. acupuncture? biopsy?

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Posted by stacy on October 30, 2000 at 13:24:45:

In Reply to: What to do? help! contant swollen vein in temple, pain in eye .. acupuncture? biopsy? posted by Nick on October 24, 2000 at 23:33:27:

: I'm 24 and been battling for 7 months now constant headaches. I first went to the emergency room because I though the vein/artery in my left temple was about to exploid. It is still swollen to this day, headaches are constantly on my left side of my head from the ear to the temple area. I now am getting eye pains in my left eye and am experiencing tingling/numbness at the top base of my nose frequently throughout the day. My first neurologists had me take a blood tests, CT and MRI 5 months ago (all was well) and prescribed me to w/ over 17 prescription trials. None really helped. I am on my second neurologist, he wants me to take another MRI? Should I take it? My dentist says I may be grinding my teeth at night and my neurologist says that the dentist's opinion is incorrect. The headaches seem to get worse in the evenings. A friend wants me to try accupuncture? Don't know what to do next? Accupuncture? second MRI? a temporal biopsy (which was recommended by my first neuro)? help

Hi Nick,
I have the same exact type of headache that I have had since March of this year. Actually I have always suffered from headaches, but I noticed that after I began going to the gym I would get headches and the same thing, the vein in my temple would bulge, pain behing the eye, and down the ear, same thing. I had MRI CT"s. and the CT showed that I had a cyst in my sinus, which I dont think was even causing the headache pain. SO I end up having a surgery, and still have headaches. Im so depressed. Recently since the weather is gettting a little colder I am feeling better. I also totally cut out taking medication for this. I found that a lot of the headaches that I was getting were rebound headaches, which are often the result of taking over the counter pain medication more than three times a week, actually causes you to get a headache. Since stopping that I have been a little better. The pain I have is "usually" on the left side but sometimes changes to the right. I also have floaters occasionally too. THere is nothing in my head, except anxiety over the headaches, which in turn make the headches work. Well sorry for rambling I hope you are all feeling better. Midrin is my dream drug. The only thing that did work for me.

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