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Re: absolutely can't take it anymore

Re: absolutely can't take it anymore

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Posted by Dee on November 29, 2000 at 01:44:10:

In Reply to: Re: absolutely can't take it anymore posted by Hallie on November 11, 2000 at 00:45:01:


Yup been there, done that. My doctor and I have been trying all sorts of various preventative meds for over 5 years now. That's 5 years straight which is the longest I've worked on my headaches so far. I even saw one of the top 10 headache specailists in the world (I'm lucky enough to live very close to Boston Mass. Great doctors there). Well this doctor after only three visits told me he had no clue and couldn't help me. So he decided I should take a pain management course. 8 weeks once a week 5 hrs, plus 3 hrs or more travel time depending on train schedules. I told him I had headaches for a long time and since I was still alive I obviously knew how to handle my pain.

The only relief I got was for almost 8 months soild. A low does of oxicontin twice daily. But then last July it jsut stopped working like every other med. I also ended up with Lyme diease and in the hospital on 4th of July at 8am. Stayed for three days. Oh what fun that was.

My doctor and I are going to start checking into more radical procedures. While in for lyme disease they did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis and my spinal pressure was 300. 80 to 140 is normal 140 being on the high side and when they start checking for other things such at brain tumors. They checked for all that stuff and didn't find any cause for the pressure.

So that's the first test we are going to do again now that there is no more lyme diease. another spinal tap. oh goodie. Lots of drugs please. I've always heard they hurt like hell. But let me tell you after 4 shots of morphine ya don't feel a thing.

ps. excuse the spelling. I'm dyslecix and no spell check right now. :)

: Dee,

: Have you tried absolutely every, single solitary preventative drug?? As I posted in another message, I had tried everything and was so disappointed and just gave up a few years ago. But got so much worse by managing the daily migs with things that cause more rebound. There are some newer preventative meds that might be worth a try--like topamax. Then there's also the botox injections. I have tried both and have had some relief. Don't give up. Try everything!! There might be just that one medication that works for you.

: Take care,

: Hallie

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