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eustachian tubes--confused

eustachian tubes--confused

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Posted by Jocelyn on January 10, 2000 at 01:09:13:

Hi all,
For the past several months, I have been experiencing
fullness and pressure in both my ears. This is gradually
getting worse. I have no history of ear infections, I have
had the full battery of allergy tests and have come up
'clean'. I haven't had a cold or the flu in ages, and have
no problems with my sinuses. I occasionally get ringing
in my right ear, and have some problems with dizziness,
but only when walking or making sudden head turns (not
while sitting still). My left cheek, a few centimetres around
my nose often feels numb. My hearing is definitely dulled.
I know this, because I sometimes try to clear my ears
by holding my nose and blowing. This results in partial
relief (and I notice how things sound so much clearer),
before within a minute my ears fill up again. After doing
this, I notice my nose gets slightly bloody, so I have
stopped this practice. There is
no fluid or discharge. My GP could see the three little
bones when she looked in my ears, indicating a Eustachian
problem, and has referred me to an ENT. This referral
will take some time, and I am in discomfort and pain,
and am anxious to know what could be wrong. What
can I expect from the visit to the ENT? What are some
possible causes for this kind of problem? I understand
TMJ can be one, and I am curious about that one as
occasionally I get clicking when I open my jaw wide (but
that is about the only symptom). Has anyone heard of a
herpes type virus being associated with this? I have a
family history of connective tissue disorder, which may
affect the ears. Does anyone know anything about that?
Sorry, I feel like I am bombarding you all with lots of
questions, but this problem is driving me mad, and the
not knowing isn't helpful either......By the way, I have
tried decongenstants, but they do nothing.

Thanks if you have read this far, and if you have any


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