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Re: Thinking about hearing aids

Re: Thinking about hearing aids

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Posted by Mary on March 14, 2000 at 10:18:41:

In Reply to: Thinking about hearing aids posted by Karen on March 11, 2000 at 23:15:01:

: I've had tinnitus since I was 16 (and I'm almost 60 now) -- caused by a bad ear infection. Anyway, my hearing has been going downhill and I'm getting a test in a few weeks, then will see an audiologist. It seems to me the people I've talked to who have hearing aids DON'T WEAR THEM!! Why is that? I do remember my mother-in-law, when she wore hers you could hear a loud buzzing from them. Are hearing aids like glasses and you have to have a special prescription for them? Can you try them out before deciding on which one? Is one kind better than another? I've read that they can mask tinnitus. Can that really be, has anyone out there experienced success with that? Sure would be nice. I've also heard hearing aids use batteries by the dozens -- is that true? I saw a man while I was on jury duty and I think he had a hearing aid on, it was just a small wire looking device in his ear. What kind would that be?

: Responses would be appreciated

: Karen
Have your hearing tested by the audiologist that will be dispensing your hearing aids. They will fit you the type that is best suited for your particular hearing loss. They are adjustable by the audiologist and my expierence has been that with an audiologist they usually have you try them for about 2 weeks and then come in for a follow up visit to see how they are working for you, If they are not working out for you they will then suggest something else for you and take back the aids that you have. Most of the people I have seen that don't wear there hearing aids got them from someplace where they didn't get a follow up visit to check how the aids were working for them or they bought the type of aid that they thought they wanted such as an in the ear model and it wasn't what they should have really had for their type of hearing loss. I see so many super stars on t.v. telling people to send for this or that free hearing aid info and make it sound like all you hearing problems will be solved if you wear this type of aid. I only wish those aids would tell people to see a competent health care person for proper testing and consultation before they by this or any hearing aid and I think we would have more satisfied users. Good Luck. If you have any other questions e-mail me at [email protected] I have had hearing aids since I was in about 5th grade and I am 44 now.

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