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Sudden Hearing Loss after Sinus Infection/Left Ear Only

Sudden Hearing Loss after Sinus Infection/Left Ear Only

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Posted by Ann on May 04, 2000 at 17:43:14:

About 1 month ago, I developed a sinus infection (Amoxicillin taken). I completed the course of anti-
biotics, and one week later I woke up one day and my whole head was "stuffed up." I called my doctor
that Monday (happened on a Sunday) and he said to take a decongestant for one week, which I did.
By the way, my head "unplugged" and only my left ear was affected. I hear fine from my right ear.
The Sudafed did no help. I then took one week's worth of steroids. No help either. I was then referred to
an ENT who I saw a few weeks ago. He detected a hearing loss after a hearing test and has now
ordered a brain MRI. Needless to say, I'm making myself crazy with all the possibilities this can be. I
also have headaches, mainly at my left temple. I've had headaches in the past, so maybe this is as a
result of the stress I've brought upon myself worrying about what's to come. I don't know. I can hear
somewhat out of my left ear. There was ringing for a few weeks which has somewhat subsided. I've
heard one of the worst scenarios is an acoustic neuroma (tumor on the 8th cranial nerve). One question
I have is has anyone out there had the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma and had surgery for it. What were
your symptoms? The MRI is scheduled for 1 week from now and I fear the worst. I don't know if it's just
me or if that's what most of us think when we don't know what's wrong. If it isn't the worst, I'm wondering
what it is and what can be done. When talking on the telephone, The tones of the push buttons are
distorted and everyone's voices seem distorted also.

Any feedback would be helpful!

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