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Re: Sudden Hearing Loss after Sinus Infection/Left Ear Only - No Tumor!!!

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss after Sinus Infection/Left Ear Only - No Tumor!!!

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Posted by Linda on August 15, 2000 at 20:56:29:

In Reply to: Re: Sudden Hearing Loss after Sinus Infection/Left Ear Only - No Tumor!!! posted by Ann on May 12, 2000 at 17:46:33:

: I just saw a doctor for the exact thing Ann described. I had been having massive amounts of sinus drainage for weeks and finally saw a doctor who decided I might have a sinus infection and wrote three prescriptions for me to take; the antibiotic was Sulfatrim. After taking it for 4 weeks, the drainage was only slightly better if at all. I felt all this drainage was blocking up the ear canal, and my hearing in the left ear was non-existent.

I called the doctor for an appointment, which was set four weeks hence. In the meantime, I decided the problem might be an allergy, so I stopped taking St. John's Wort. That did seem to stop much of the flow of mucous but my hearing did not improve. I still felt there was clogging in the eustachion tube between the ear and my throat, on the inside of my ear.

However, the doctor which I finally got to see last week told me that was an erroneous assumption on my part. He did a test and determined my hearing loss, which was substantial, was due to "nerve damage." He could not determine what caused the damage, nor could he do anything about it. After looking into my ear for 5 seconds or less, he told me there was no fluid in my ear. My belief that there was drainage in my ear was said to be mistaken. He told me that often happens; people just think their ears are clogged up. Then he ordered a CAT scan, which I had the following day. Yesterday I saw the doctor again and got his report: negative. Then he suggested several other tests: diabetes, thyroid, triglycerides, and some type of immune test. I refused. When he asked why, I replied that I had no confidence in him. When he asked why not, I told him that he wouldn't listen to me about what I know. He acted concerned that I was not going to have the tests done, but then admitted that if I do in fact have nerve damage to my ear, he has no way to treat it.

I have ordered some tablets from a vitamin company that are a combination of herbs and vitamins which state they sometimes improve the hearing. I will give that a try.

: Thank you for your post and interest. No sinus x-rays were taken. My MRI is scheduled for
: Wednesday, May 10 (tomorrow). I figure since I saw the "specialist" (ENT), the MRI is
: used when the hearing test comes back with deficiencies and he wants to "rule out the worst"
: as it goes.

: Let's see what happens tomorrow. That would be great if it's minor!

: Well, good news. The MRI results came back negative. The ENT pretty much tried to get me
: to be happy about that and go away. I drilled him with questions and found out that what has
: happened to me is somewhat of a mystery and he could find no real cause. It could go away
: just as it came. He recommended Nyacin which could help circulation. Other than that, there is
: really nothing to do. I'll try it and remain hopeful this will disappear soon! It has improved
: slightly over time so maybe it will go away in the future. It could be a whole heck of a lot
: worse!

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