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Re: Eustachian tube dysfunction and miserable!

Re: Eustachian tube dysfunction and miserable!

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Posted by AF on August 27, 2000 at 21:21:44:

In Reply to: Re: Eustachian tube dysfunction and miserable! posted by Jason Cheek on July 14, 2000 at 21:28:54:

: : Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there can relate to what I have had for two months now. My symptom's are: Crackling, popping in my right ear and a little in my left ear when I swalow, yawn, or sometimes just breathe, loud ringing and fullness in my right ear a few times a week, on and off light ringing in both ears, sinus congestion, on and off post nasal drip. I am miserable with the crackling popping ears already! Everyday it happens. I went to my allergist who reccommended shots again, and an ENT who gave me a steroid nasal spray that I just started but do not see how it will work. Anyone else out there have anything like this? Thanks:)

: Hi
: I can completely relate to you all; I've had the crackling and popping in my left ear for about seven months now- no pain or hearing loss, but the damn thing is controlling my life. It started at a really sressful time in my life, but this is making my life more stressful. Some days I wake up and it feels almost normal- those are the best days. I can genarally tell as soon as I wake up how it's going to feel that day. I also had trouble sleeping for the first few months; that is getting better; the ear is not. I cannot believe that this is not publicized more because it really messes with your life. Maybe there's power in numbers and if we all keep our eyes and, yes, ears, open we can find a solution. There has got to be someone out there who has had this problem and has overcome it; of course, they would not be visiting this site. If anyone figures out what to do, please let us all know. I've been to 2 ENT's and neither one knew of anything to help; I've read accounts of some people who have gotten tubes and its actually made it worse. So everyone write back and, also, there are some good boards about this at under "eustachian tube blockage" as well as "dysfunction" and "stoppage".
: Thanks

I can relate to the problem. I am going to an ENT tomorrrow. My regular MD gave me a powerful decongestant, and antibiotic, and a nasal spray.
I wonder if anyone experiencing this also has the following symptom: a buzzing sound (like a kuzoo) in the head when talking. It seems that the vibrations from the vocal cords are "rattling" something. It makes it very uncomfortable to talk.

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