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Re: A loud bowling Alley

Re: A loud bowling Alley

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Posted by brian on September 22, 2000 at 10:19:44:

In Reply to: A loud bowling Alley posted by Joe Battams on September 21, 2000 at 08:59:58:

: Hi,
: I have had changing Tinnitus in my left ear for a few months now, and was originally told it was due to fluid in my ears. Since my ears still feel as though they have fluid in them I am hoping that it will go away. My ears sometimes feel very sensitive to sounds and I have always been careful to protect my ears from loud sounds. However last week, after much debate (I am a very paranoid sort of person) I decided to go bowling because I thought it would be quiet and a nice change. When we got there all seemed okay, I paid and received a pager which would go off when it was our turn to bowl- we had to stay in the building. Then they turned some very loud music on and announced it was "disco night", I tried my best to stay in the quiet parts if the room, but when we had to bowl, there was a speaker directly in front of us. It was uncomfortable, but I told myself to stop being paranoid and to get on with it. When we left an hour later my ears were ringing and felt strange full and odd. I was very worried as I had read in various places that loud sounds can make Tinnitus worse. When I got home the ringing seemed to have gone, but when I went to bed, I found otherwise. That was June 30th and they are still quietly ringing in both ears. To make matters worse I found a pair of ear plugs in my pocket when I got home. I am very distressed and upset because I have always taken care to look after my hearing and I am only 16. Even worse still the hyperacusis I felt at first is now much worse and constant, Please reply as I feel desperate.
: Cheers,
: Joe Battams

Joe ,
I can understand what your going thru..I've been dealing with this for almoast ten years. I have had it so bad it put me in bed for a month.
With me it is my right ear and it is accompanied with loss of hearing. In the early 90's (at age 30) is when mine started ...I thought I had a brain tumor or something crazy.Not so. I tried everything I could find and for a long time nothing worked, finally I decided to keep a log on the computer day by day , then each time it got worse i would evaluate what I did or what I ate or what had happened that day. after years of research I find that there are many reason for this eg:
LOUD noises
diet (caffein,smoking,salty foods,etc...)
Stress (you must identify what stresses you out and avoid it)
lack of good nites rest
medications (decongestants,asprin ) and others I,m sure
colds eg:sinusitis etc.(usally gets worse with sickness)
I could go on and on but I won't . I will however tell you that I have had all your symtoms and after much dispair i know one thing for sure and that is I won't die from it. It also helps to talk to others about it.I think you will find more people then you know have the same thing.


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