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Re: Help, I am in Pain! Maybe swimmer's ear?

Re: Help, I am in Pain! Maybe swimmer's ear?

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Posted by kidding_2000 on September 23, 2000 at 22:53:03:

In Reply to: Help, I am in Pain! Maybe swimmer's ear? posted by Kristie on August 19, 2000 at 00:02:32:

: I get severe ear wax buildup and use Debrox and a bulb ear syringe to flush out the wax every few months. Last week I did this 4 days in a row, got a lot of wax out, but my left outer ear is in excrutiating pain. Lots of throbbing, especially at night, it is very red and I am just miserable. No fever, no discharge, just lots of pain. I really cannot afford to go to the doctor right now. I do not believe i perforated my eardrum because the pain is not deep in my ear. Has anyone experienced this or know of treatment that I can try to clear this up without having to resort to going to the doc? I have been taking Aleve and codeine strength Tylenol and it relieves it somewhat but I want this pain to go away, I've had enough. Any suggestions? Thanks
Hi Kristie,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have had same symptoms as yourself and tried numerous things.Ie acupuncture, ear drops. My earache also flet like swimmwers ear and was worse at night when I slept on that ear. I finally had a breakthough when a doctor suggested going for allery tests. Turns out I,m lactose intollerent. Once I cut out the dairy produce it became better, but the real help was taking the herb golden seal. It is for infections and really helped. Ofcourse I still stay of the dairy produce as well as it causes congestion to my ears straight away. I miss the cheese, but nor the earaches. Good luck

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