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More Questions & Answers - Hair Cell Regeneration (update)

More Questions & Answers - Hair Cell Regeneration (update)

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Posted by HHIssues on September 26, 2000 at 16:49:58:

Here's the update:


"In that case, how does the research center plan to increase funds or at least speed up its progress ?

What type of advertising is the center using ? Have you considered the Media ? Perhaps, in television ? In newspapers ?

Why don't you try advertising in New York ? Known as the "Media Capital" of the World.

Imagine how much exposure it'll get if an article about the research is published in the front page of the NY Times or something ? Or, what about some
of those scientific television programs ? Perhaps, what about programs like 60 minutes or other similar programs, etc ? Please advise. Thanks !"

The Research' Center's Answer:

"All of your ideas are great but... we do not have a public relations department nor even the funds for one full-time person to handle the full range of public outreach, media relations, advertising, and fundraising projects that could be happening. We are part of the University of Washington (there are many worthy causes at the university) and that helps but even trying to get the attention of our own in-city newspapers is very difficult. We get the word out as much as we can by going out into the community giving talks, hosting conferences, distributing press releases about the research going on, sending out a newsletter (though that is infrequent for the above reasons also).

We are slowly getting recognition and exposure but it is a slow process. Our operations budget just does not allow us to do much more than what we are doing at present. We rely on folks like you to help us get the word out. We appreciate your concerns and support."

** HHIssues **

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