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Re: Endolymphatic Hydrops?

Re: Endolymphatic Hydrops?

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Posted by Jim H on October 19, 2000 at 12:42:53:

In Reply to: Endolymphatic Hydrops? posted by Dr Jayanto Mukherji on October 19, 2000 at 03:00:25:

: I've been suffering from a provisionally diagnosed hydrops condition,which involves periodic feeling of fullness & blockage in the left ear,without an appreciable hearing loss.Both my audiometric analysis as well as MRI are normal,but the attacks persist for the last 6 months now,on an average every 5th day.I have been told that it is a variant of Meniere's syndrome,which i find difficult to believe,as i have no episodes of vertigo or nausea.The blocked feeling typically resolves spontaneously within 24 hrs.I would like to know if any one has a similar experience,the treatment suggested,or an expert ENT opinion on this matter.I'm a medical doctor myself.Corticosteroids resolve the pressure very marginally,& diuretics & SEC derivatives are of no help.

I was diagnosed with Mineare's in Sept. 1999. I had an MRI and Cat Scan along with hearing tests. The ENT told me to "wait a few months" and see if it resolved itself. I was not happy with his dx nor treatment plan. I went to another MD who prescribed Claritin 24 hour. This has brought some relief, but recently I went back to SudaFed
and feel better. I still have some fullness in the ear and at times feel slight "lightheadness"
but nothing near what started. I ahev made two plane trips this year with another comoing this weekend with no difficulty. I have also started using vitamins, herbs and manetic therapy including insoles and a necklace. I do not believe I have Mineare's as I ahve never blacked out or been caused to lay down for a spell. I work, coach my sons and continue living but know something is not right.

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