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Eustacian Tube Blockage-FInally Cleared Up!

Eustacian Tube Blockage-FInally Cleared Up!

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Posted by Debbie on November 02, 2000 at 17:30:07:

I have been reading the postings on this site for about 7 weeks regarding Eustacian Tube blockage. I had an allergy/cold? that turned into a sinus infection, and as a result both ears became blocked. First it was my left, then about a week or so later, it was my right. I am happy to say that after about 7 weeks of suffering, my ears are totally clear. During this time, I talked to 3 doctors, including an ENT, and they all assured me that my ears would become clear once the infection cleared up. At first my doctor told me it was a virus, but after about 4 weeks, finally put me on Zithomax. This pretty much cleared up my sinus infection. Meanwhile, I was taking Sudafed, 2 tabs 3x/day. When I had trouble sleeping, he suggested I cut the dosage to twice a day. I also was using Afrin once or twice a day for periods of about 5 days with a few days off in between. I also decided to suck on the papaya enzyme 4x/day, though I am not sure how much good it did. My doctor also told me to do the holding my nose and gently blowing exercises. This really didn't do anything until about the 5th week when my left ear finally popped. Over the next couple of weeks, I managed to pop my right ear several times, but it would not completely clear and soon would be stopped up again. This past Monday (Oct 30, 2000), after doing a lot of purposeful yawning, both ears popped. Yesterday, they finally felt completely normal, and occasionally pop when I yawn or swallow. I now feel like my hearing is even better than it was before the infection, but maybe that is because it was so bad before, that it feels great in comparison. I managed to get another sore throat about 9 days ago, and felt like I had another cold coming on. I took Zicam nasal spray, and after about 5 days that cleared up. (That is good stuff!) I am afraid that I am allergic to something, but I am not sure what. I normally have seasonal allergies, but now it seems like maybe I am allergic to mold. However, this is only speculation. I am still doing a fair amount of coughing, and have been for almost 2 months. I don't smoke, nor does anyone in my house. I also purchased the nasal irrigator tip for the Water Pik to see if that helps with my sinuses. I have used it twice, and it does clean out your nose! But I feel a funny sinus pressure also. Anyway, sorry this is so long, but I am trying to give help to anyone who may have suffered with these same symptoms. Hang in there!

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