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Re: Because he smokes, he's stressed or it's in his blood?

Re: Because he smokes, he's stressed or it's in his blood?

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Posted by Fiveya(screen name) on July 19, 2000 at 16:32:28:

In Reply to: Because he smokes, he's stressed or it's in his blood? posted by Helix13 on July 17, 2000 at 19:53:25:

: My father had angioplasty done recently. He suffered a mild heart attack and they discovered that two of his arteries were 95% clogged. I have heard that heart disease and cardiac arrest might be genetic. Is this true? I am more apt to believe that my father has heart problems because he smokes and he's always stressed out.
: Should I be worried for my own health?
You could suffer ill health from his smoking becaus eyouwould be breathing in the exhaled smoke if you find a white handkerchief and a cigarette Light the cigarette and smoke it then after taking a big draw on the cugarette ,exhale into the white hadkerciefheld out straight with all your might You may see a brown circle of nicotene on the white handkerchief if your father tries anti smoking patcheshe MUST NOT smoke whilst thepatch is on him since that can give him a heart attack There are also a few substanses nOt to be taken whilst wearing an antismoking patch -one of them is nicotinic acid I hope he can be treated for his blocked arteries -I suppose the treatment is the angioplasty Probably it is best to eat on time so food does not have to be drawnfromstores in the liver becausefatisinvolvedin carrying foods across cell membranes.You alsohaveto eat low fat foods and have methods of cooking foods which do notinvolve fat eg boiling poaching steamingSome persons areprescribed lipid -lowering tablets to help prevent blood vessels being clogged up .I suppose trying to keep supple by moderate exercise doeslessen theliklihoodof artery walls getting hardened .I supposeit might be an advantage to oil joints with a light oil ,maybe olive oil or go to a masseuse maybe Some people take cider vinegar dailyto help clear the blood I have heard that an acid /base balance diet can help keep blood vessels unclogged but I don,t know where you can find an acid/base balanced diet From Fliveya9screen name)

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