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Re: Heartrhyhtm during operation => Others have had this too??

Re: Heartrhyhtm during operation => Others have had this too??

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Posted by question for Fred on July 22, 2000 at 03:00:15:

In Reply to: Heartrhyhtm during operation => Others have had this too?? posted by Frederik Rambout on July 20, 2000 at 12:22:01:

: Hello, I'm a 19 yo boy, who went in today for
: a small operation. So I had no feeling only in my legs and stomach, they didn't put me asleep.
: At almost the end of the surgery, I started to feel sick all the sudden, and my blood-pressure dropped down to 6 or 7 and my heartrate to about 30. They gave me something and everything went back up again, and some oxygen.

: The doctors told me it was not something abnormal because the medecin they injected me with, to put
: half of my body asleep has that effect on blood-pressure. And I normally have 10 as bloodpressure.

: But it did scare me, and I do have a history of palpitations and panic attacks, and this things don't have a positiv influence on my moral, and my mind.

: I was hoping I could get some reactions from people who have had this too, and also if it is true that it's not dangerous. (I know they told me that can happen, but I'd like to hear it from others who have been through this too.)

: ECG was taking 4 months ago for the operation on my knee, I had in March, and it was normal.

: Thx

I didn't understand what you meant about your blood pressure. Blood pressure is read by higher numbers then 1-10...such as 100/70 etc. Did you BP drop down to 60/something etc??? I was just curious.

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