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Heart Problems

Heart Problems

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Posted by JP on July 23, 2000 at 22:16:38:

This is my story,I know it's long but it's the best way for me to explain it.
In April I bent over to pick something up and my heart started racing over 150 beats per minute, literally like it was going to burst, I had no symptoms but was extremely afraid and walked around trying to calm down. Finally I sat down and in a few minutes it stopped completely then restarted to a normal beat.
I did some research and assumed this was maybe a one time episode of Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. Since that episode I have had numerous chest pains sometimes on the right side sometimes the left side.It's very erratic, but always occurs in some form more than once a week. There is pain in my right arm mostly, but sometimes I get pain in my left arm and through my upper back. It really scares me, sometimes I can barely feel my heartrate, and the left arm pain seems like a symptom of a heartattack. Today was my worst ever and scariest attack, I was sitting down and suddenly my left arm felt weird, like light and tingly and no matter how I moved it it was uncomfortable. I took an Advil for the pain. I tested my BP and couldn't get a reading at all, I could feel my heart beating, but test after test no reading. Then I began to get shaky and my left arm felt extremely tingly like it was going to sleep, my right arm also was tingly but not near as bad as the left arm. I was very scared and thought these were the symptoms of a heartattack. Finally they just ended after 20min.and I got a BP reading of like 112 over 85 pulse 88. This BP is high for me it is usually 90 over 60 pulse mid 60's. I still have a strange pain in my left arm 3 hr. after it happened. I am just really scared and would like to hear anyones thoughts and if anyone has ever experienced anything like this. All input is greatly appreciated and thank you! PS: What's really weird is all these pains started up after that rapid heart beat episode in April-never any problems prior to that.

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