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Re:Pacemaker 35 years who can top that in Australia

Re:Pacemaker 35 years who can top that in Australia

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Posted by Pacemaker 35 years who can top that Australia on August 03, 2000 at 04:13:20:

In Reply to: Re:Pacemaker 35 years who can top that in Australia posted by Denise on July 31, 2000 at 18:27:15:

Hi Denise,
Firstly, I am so sorry your depressed. I know a couple
of people who had only had their pacers a short while and find it hard adjusting. I was only 8 when I first received my pacermaker and fortunatly for me I learnt quickly to adjust to it. Mind you in those days I had quite a few replacements as they were not as good as they are today. As I already wrote in my little message
I feel so lucky to have it as it certainly saved
my life. I would not have lived past 8 I can assure you. I have lead a fairly normal life
and to be honest I always tried not to let my
heart condition interferre with my lifestyle
and tried hard to do everything I wanted.
What concerns me with you is why are still feeling
yucky after receiving it.Have you had your checks?
Are you letting your depression and thought
of having a pacemaker worry you. Please try
to understand all you have is a little device that
keeps our heart beating faster. And your life is saved. Yes, I agree at your age it takes a little
adjusting,but remember we are not alone. The way I always got through life is the thought There
is always someone worse off than me.I have played
baseball when I was young,danced till dawn,
bushwalking,married and had 4 kids,worked,housewife,played golf and all in all
had a great 43 years and hopefully and God willing
I will have another 20 years, Providing I look
after myself. Ofcourse your body changes as
you get older and we may feel it a bit more
than the norm,but its the same thing GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

I wish you well and anyone else who is pacing

Please reply if concerned

Firstly...please try not depressed!!!!!! :: :
: Hi Denise, I'm Denise, too. I have had a pacemaker for less than one year. I'm very unhappy and don't really feel better than before I got it. It's a great source of depression for me.
: Please email me. I think that hearing from someone thats survived this ordeal for 35 years will help me. I'm 37 and a single mother. I would like to talk to you.

: Thanks, Denise

: : :Hi.
: : I have already written in a little message before.
: : I have been paced now for 35 years and was wondering was there anyone out there in Aussie who
: : has been paced this long. I am 43 years old,married with 4 children. I was 8 years old
: : when l was given my first pacer.
: : Had many ups and downs with it over the years,but I can thank my lucky stars that my life was saved
: : by this miracle device. I was given a paceer
: : for congential heart block.
: : Does anyone out there have a new pacer and
: : need help adjusting to it. Maybe talking to
: : someone who has had one this long can help you
: : settle. Denise

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