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Re: Prinz Metal Angina--any natural remedies?

Re: Prinz Metal Angina--any natural remedies?

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Posted by John Cormier on August 16, 2000 at 09:08:07:

In Reply to: Prinz Metal Angina--any natural remedies? posted by Patty on April 22, 2000 at 00:49:41:

: I was diagosed with Prinz-metal's angina about nine years ago, when I had a myocardial infarction
: with some minor heart muscle damage. At the time, following the arteriogram I was given, I was told
: that my arteries and veins were extremely clear and healthy. The myocardial infarction also followed
: the death of someone very close to me (who incidentlally died of a massive heart attack)

: Following my heart attack, I was prescribed Cardizem, which I continued taking for three years, but then
: stopped (I "weaned" myself off, after reading that an abrupt stop could be dangerous). Recently, I have
: been experiencing mild angina pains (for a few months), and then developed pneumonia--for which I was
: hospitalized. While in the hospital, my doctor highly recommended to me that I continue with the
: Cardizem. I have been taking it for two days now, but would like desperately to quit--mainly because
: of the side effects (dizziness, lightheadedness, bloating, etc.)

: Does anyone share my worries about taking prescription drugs indefinately, and/or know of any natural
: (herbal, food sources, etc.) remedies one could take?
I suffered a mild heart attack about seven years ago and spent a week in hospital during which time I underwent numerous tests including and angiogram. The results of this test showed about a thirty percent blockage of the arteries. I had had periods before this with angina attacks usually following exertion of some type. Several years later following a bad fall I once again wound up in the hospital with severe chest pains and other angina symptoms including grey colouring of the skin and trouble breathing. After this episode in which I once again had a angiogram which this time showed no signs of arterial disease, I continued having attacks more frequently which would leave me in a dibilitated state for weeks. The final straw came about two years ago when once again I had chest pains and my colour was grey. At that time my wife took me to emergency where the doctor attempted to say it was all in my head. At no time had I been told that there was such a thing as Prinz Metal or variant angina. Eventually after searching the internet and bookstores I discovered that most talked about the disease but gave no advice on what to take. I finally came across a book by Dr. Whittaker who briefly mentioned the disease and prescribed taking magnesium. Unfortunately no amount was suggested. I then purchased some magnesium tablets at the drug store and started to take them as prescribed on the bottle. I eventually only took one in the morning and one at night. I have since been problem free and have been able to go back to heavy lifting and other strenuous activity. Whether or not this helps you I do not know but I wish you the best.

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