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Anybody know what a upsloping T-wave depression means?????? HELP!!!!

Anybody know what a upsloping T-wave depression means?????? HELP!!!!

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Posted by Betty on August 17, 2000 at 16:26:50:

Hi all,

I am a 40 yr old female with 4 kids from 22 to 4, I do not smoke or drink, My weight is good, but I do not get much exercise. My Cholestrol is about 220.

At 26 I was diagnoised with Mitral valve prolaspe after a attack of arrythmia that caused me to miscarry and wind up in ICU..They told me the MVP caused this..I went on to have two more children with no trouble..They put me on Inderal and my condition improved over the years, but I have always had a S-T Wave abnormalitiy in my EKG's they say this is in a lot of thin women and its normal for me.

My father dies at 42 after his 8th heart attack and my mom got a pacer at 51...My dad I believe had a rheumatic heart though...

I have always had some chest pain off and on for years...and shortness of breath they say from MVP..I went to the doctor a few days ago with severe chest pain i believe to be reflux causing chest pain and pressure she agreed but did a EKG and Chest X-ray just to be on the safe side because i am 40 now..She said I had a beautiful chest X-ray and the EKG was good and normal for me..She ordered a stress test anyway to get a baseline she said...

Well the pains continue mostly after eating and stress, they are very tolerable and are not real bad they feel more on the surface than deep in the heart or anything...

Well I had the stress test a cardiologist did it, he told me it looked okay but I had to stop at 3 minutes because he had me going in 3 minutes from 1.4mph to 9mph at a big slant and i dont exercise much so i could not breathe i think he was in a big hurry and increased me way to fast...So he stoped..I aske dis it okay he said yes..Then I said so I am okay he said did I say that...Then the tech said it looked okay...
Well days have gone by and I cannot get my PCP to return my call at all..I went and got the results from medical records myself and they said
equvoical test results
undiagnostic upsloping T-Wave depression
can do stress echo or nuclear imaging for diagnostic certianty

What the heck is an upsloping T-wave Depression anyway..

I want to avoid any invasive tests if I can because i have bad reactions to dyes and such and I have a pre existing condition that makes these kinds of tests hard on me..My liver has trouble metabolizing the dyes due to Porphyria..
Could this just be the same T-wave problem that shows in my resting EKG..I have been told not to worry about this at those ekgs in the past...
I have also heard that stress tests are not reliable in women quite often and give false positives...
He said he could not illicit any chest pain or arrythmias during the test....
Any input would be appreciated...He was a local carrdiologist and he did not seem to say anything and he is the one they would send me too...and as i said my Doc seems to be non existant at present time....
Thanks to anyone who can tell me what a upsloping T-Wave depression means..i see T-wave inversion on the board and that can be normal is it similar????



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