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Re: PSVT-300+ Beats per min- Help!

Re: PSVT-300+ Beats per min- Help!

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Posted by Beth on August 17, 2000 at 22:30:11:

In Reply to: Re: PSVT-300+ Beats per min- Help! posted by Christina P on March 16, 2000 at 22:20:33:

: : I know that this is a questions that I should continue asking my Dr, but like I've heard said on this
: : board before, it feels better to hear from someone who's been there. A Dr. might give me the reassurance
: : I want, when all I really need is the truth. Is anyone else experiencing a heart rate of this severity when
: : having an episode of SVT? My heart gets going so fast sometimes that it isn't even beating anymore,
: : it is actually quivering.Obviously, at this point I'm headed to ER for Adenison. I had Catheter Ablation
: : in October, 1998, with the total impression that IF they found the source of the problem, I would be
: : cured of this condition.I was told that after 3 1/2 hours of searching they had found the irregular circiut
: : and had ablated it. They tried to duplicate the SVT after the ablation. Could not, I was told MIssion
: : Accomplished. Now, 18 months later, I feel that same old feeling. For the past 5 days, when I lay down
: : to go to bed, I can feel my heart just fighting itself to stop an episode of SVT. I can feel it trying to
: : come on, and my heart is just thumping. I feel a rapid heart rate, not quite my normal SVT+300's,
: : but I have a feeling it's just a metter of time. I am SOOO upset to see so many people with failed
: : ablation's, and need some support from someone who knows the fear of this condition. Any support
: : would be so greatly appreciated.

: : Liz

: Dear Liz,

: I know your fear and frustation, I was diagnosed eight years ago and have had two ablations the second just a month ago. My heart rate would sky rocket when I was just watching T.V the most it got to was 220 and it was not constant just runs of two minutes then rest. My problem now is PVC'S they are driving me crazy I am so afraid they will lead to v-tach, I just posted a message before I read yours in regards to the new medication I am on called Betapace
: I am hoping this will stop the arrhythmia's,
: so for so good I have had a couple today but nothing I cant live with as long as they are not in a row I'm fine. Are you on any medication ?
: Take care and be well.

: Christina P

Hi Liz,

I found out I had SVT when I was about 12 years old, and had the ablation done when I was 19. I'm 22 now. My beats often got over 300 beats per minute also. I had to be given IV's to get it to stop because other methods didn't work. Anyways, since the ablation I have not had it go into the full attack, but like you it often feels like it is going to. I was told by my doctor that that is very common and not to worry. So far, so good. But now that I am pregnant, I notice that the occurences are ever more frequent then before and I am concerned. Hopefully it won't come back to either of us, because I can put up with these little tease attacks forever remembering what my full attacks felt like. Take care, Beth

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