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Re: supra ventricular arrythmia

Re: supra ventricular arrythmia

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Posted by abbey on August 22, 2000 at 08:50:01:

In Reply to: supra ventricular arrythmia posted by Joyce S on August 20, 2000 at 18:52:46:

: hi-i am new to this board and find it very interesting and helpful, i too have suffered with SVT ---i am a 35 yr. old female and i have had SVT since i was 13, only to be finally dignosed 8 years ago,i can remember when i was a child i was outside playing and all of a sudden my heart would go fast that i had to lay down right there and wait for it to slow down,as a kid i didnt much let it bother me but as i grew older i started to worry. About 10 years ago i was really having a bad time, in and out of er and dr.s offices continuly. But i didnt get much help. anyway to try to make this alittle shorter i will tell you where i am at now--i havent had the fast heart rate (400+) in about 7 yrs (thank god). i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, mysofascile pain about 5 yrs ago. other than the pain and fatigue that i have with that i still experience the same symptoms i have exp. all of my life with svt and i am just wondering if anyone out there has the same symptoms---if wake up at 8 am , around 4pm or so, i get extremely exhausted, then if i lay down for a nap and i cant fall asleep within 5 minutes of the time that i feel exhausted, my heart feels like it is in my throat, i am weak and my brain cant function. and i feel this way til its time to go to bed for the evening in which i have to take something to fall asleep or else i am up allnight with my heart in my throat and feeling totally exhausted mentally and physically.I am sorry this is so long, no one seems to understand, i just hope someone out there can understand this and help me---i try to work full time but it is so hard to do when i constantly feel mentally and phs. exhausted--thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and feel free to email me

re: joyce and sva
Do not feel you are alone. I suffer the exact problems as you do and I think mine came
from head/jaw injuries suffered during an accident many years ago. I read somewhere that
SVA can come from head injuries and/or neurologic injuries..I too have fibromyalsia and
excruiating facial/jaw tmjd pain daily.. sleeping is like a nightmare. I try all the tricks to try
to sleep and work full time feeling exhausted.. heart disease runs in the family so maybe my
SVA is pure genetic. I do know I feel depressed that I am unable to enjoy alot of the things
I once did.. I start counselling in Sept. to try to deal with that.

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