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Re: Chest pain

Re: Chest pain

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Posted by tfylan(screen name) on September 04, 2000 at 22:23:27:

In Reply to: Chest pain posted by Tessa on September 04, 2000 at 19:43:40:

: Not sure if this is really heart related, but it involves chest pain. Last week a machine at my workplace shorted out and there was a strong electrical, sulfer-like smell coming from it. The machine is located in a small room in which I work all day. The odor was overpowering, even with the door open, and made my coworkers and myself nauseated. Unfortunately, we had to stay in the room to complete our work. Since that day, I have been having sharp, shooting pains in my chest. I am wondering if there could be a connection to breathing in those fumes, and is there a health risk I should be concerned with?
REPLY Well you surely shouldn,t have had to stay in the room with the fumes There has been a case of a cat dying because it lived in an office too near a printer buti don,t remember where i read about that.It might take a while to recover I feel that hearts mightbemore related to plants than anyother life formThey have rhythm but don,t walk around They might be all tat is left of the plant world within us Life on thisplanet probably began asplanimals which might hav ebeen plant/animal creatures if we live indoors most of the time then we should probably treat our heartslike we would potplants.Many can withstand a fair temerature rang but most like a change of air from time to time Anyway if you had a pot plant in the office with the fumes -what did you do with that ?/ Youprobably had to put it outside and nurtureittenderly and keep an eye on it for a while it might not like to be overfed in advese conditions becaus eit wold be expending energy perhaps adjusting its leaves ,or getting ready to lose them Gosh your hair might fall out after that terrible experience with the fumes in the office!!! yes probably fresh air is a must for you at every possible opportunity if you overfeed plants they die if you use plant feed at high concentrations they die ie you have to have the water content of any plant feed you give houseplants correct -- so perhaps isotonic water might be best -they give that to London Marathon runners perhaps spring water would be ok but maybe you would have to make sure salt /water balance and acid /base balance of yourmeal plans are good From Fliveya

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