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Re: PVC's/rapid heart beat

Re: PVC's/rapid heart beat

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Posted by Kerri on September 12, 2000 at 16:21:17:

In Reply to: Re: PVC's/rapid heart beat posted by anne on August 14, 2000 at 05:11:32:

: : : Hello everyone, thanks in advance for listening.

: : : I am seeing a cardiologist for "skipped" beats along with a sudden onset of very rapid beats lasting about 20-30 seconds. This rapid beat thing (a holter picked up PVC but doc said this is nothing to worry about)seems to have no real "pattern"....I can be resting or exercising, calm or excited, does seem more noticeable lying in bed before falling asleep, but perhaps because I'm more aware....anyway, the cardiologist after the initial visit mentioned these possibilities:

: : : Supra ventricular tachycardia (and something about paroxysmal?), MVP, and an electrical conduction problem.

: : : And sceduled me for echocardiogram and another holter. I was planning six weeks vacation in Europe and he said to go on the trip and do the echo when I returned, giving me the idea that he didn't see anything too serious afoot.

: : : The echo according the the man who did it (haven't heard from the doctor yet) showed some sagging of a valve which he said could indicate Mitral Valve Prolapse, but he said not to quote him as he's not the cardiologist. He also said the structure of my heart looks fine except for that valve.

: : : I am 37 years old, fairly active, quit smoking 2 years ago, female......the holter hasn't picked up the rapid beat (of course!). It is happening less as time goes on, but still is scary to me. It occurs sometimes once a day for a few days, but mostly, about once a week now or less frequently, whereas six months ago it was happening every day.

: : : I also have panic disorder, so when the heart beats rapidly I become VERY scared, which in turn probably makes it continue.

: : : I have tried beta blockers but already have rather low bp, so they make me feel just awful. Plus the doctor said they may not be what I need, if anything.

: : : So I am now just waiting to hear from the doctor, and trying to reassure myself, but when I look up ventricular tach on the web it seems to be quite serious. BUT I don't think he would tell me to go off to Europe for six weeks if he felt my health or life was in serious danger.....

: : : Any feedback on what this tachacardia is, how you deal with it, etc. is appreciated. Trying to stay calm!

: : : Thank you!
: : REPLY; You mention paroxysm which sounds something to do with a shock So perhaps your trouble is caused by hot weather and your heart and other organs are being deprived of blood and water because blood is being drawn towards the skin and outer body to cool you down This might be causing heat exhaustion which might be showing itself in the form of a mild anaphylactic shockI suppose a restful holiday would be the best ideaYouprobably have to wear less resticting clthing on holiday Those heart monitors sound marvellous it might be a good idea to eat finely groundfood or liquidised food so there will be less need for more blood to the digestive system Also eat small meals more frequently and regard them as medicine for your heart --perhaps that would be best Calcium is supposed to be good for heart rhythms so i suppose sandwhiches are quite a good way since youdon,t get overheated with cooking From Fliveya( nomme de plume)

: Hi Hillary, congradulations on stopping smoking! Supraventricular tachtycardia is not the dangerous type. From what I have read the dangerous type-ventricular fibrillation(spelling?) is the dangerous type and occurs usually after someone has had a heart attack. Look up the type the doc said you might have on the web. is great-follow the steps and go to heart, then pick your area of interest which would be tachycardia and search the archives for all of the people in the past several yrs. talking about their problem and asking the cardilogist questions, this will probalby help you alot-good luck, Anne

REPLY : I don't have any helpful info on your problem, but I would talk to the doctor about the person who did your echo. He should not have told you anything about your heart since he is not the doctor, and in my opinion has caused you worry where there should be none. If you are that concerned then if I were you I would call the doctor and ask him to give you the results and explain that the person who did the procedure said that and has caused you worry. That is very unprofessional of the technician and could result in stressful and potentially harmful affects by telling you information that could cause you to worry unneedingly. Just my opinion, of course :)
Kerri :)

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