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Re: How can I get rid of my scar after open heart surgury...PLEASE READ!!

Re: How can I get rid of my scar after open heart surgury...PLEASE READ!!

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Posted by April on September 12, 2000 at 23:38:00:

In Reply to: Re: How can I get rid of my scar after open heart surgury...PLEASE READ!! posted by tfylan on September 06, 2000 at 07:11:00:

: : Hi...I'm a 16 year old boy...I had open heart surgury for aorticstanosis June/1999...My aortia was replased w/ my pulminary valve and my pulminary valve was replaced by a cadaver...It left me with a pretty noticible scar...It has faded but I am really uncomfortable with it...I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can help diminish the appearince of this scar so it is a lot less noticible...thanks for your help.
: : ~KH

Having a scar is not a bad thing, I dont see why people think that it is so horrible. I am 18 years old, two years older than you and I have the same thing that you have, and I also have a scar, it goes all the way across from my side to the middle of my back. I like my scar because it makes me unique and it is a part of who I am, I am a person with a heart condition, and I don't mind that. I go around telling people about my scar and show them sometimes, I take pride in my scar and you should too. I work at this camp where all the campers and most of the staff all have heart conditions. Its really great b\c you get to be around people that are just like you. Its really great and the kids forget about their heart problems b\c they are having fun. I just say, life is too precious to sit around and ask how to get rid of your scar, take pride in it. April

: REPLY You are very young so that is why you want to get rid of your scar!!! Many older persons would envy you Young scar tissue tells how young you are and is probably not unattractive ;Besides your scar can be an indication if there is anything going wrong inside you at the operation site You might get an aneurysm there and this might be detected by the condition of your scars Quite honestly ,you probably need to be told off because you are scarred for life ie LIFE Life is marvellous even if not all that youthful so if you are young and have recovered from surgerty -why worry about a scar ??? You are ALIVE and that is tremendous so you shouldn,t really be too worried about having a scarIf it gets infected of course it should be looked at by a Dr and given treatment and investigation When you think about GirlGuides and Boy Scouts collecting badges for passing skills eg trekking or cookery Well that is good They show or display their success by wearing a badge Now you have got skill in surviving your terrible ordeals in the operating theatre ,under the knife so your scars should be worn with pride ,not something to be hidden I wishyou every happiness in recovering from such a terrible operation at such a young age From fliveya(screen name)

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