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Re; mitra valve prolapse

Re; mitra valve prolapse

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Posted by To Donna from Jeanne on September 26, 2000 at 10:52:39:

In Reply to: Re: Palpitations...To Jeanne posted by ~Donna~ on September 24, 2000 at 17:44:41:

: : : : I have been having palpatations now for 2 months. I did wear a Holter Monitor which showed 80 times in a 24 hour period. This is very annoying! My heart pounds so hard I actually feel it in my throat as well as pressure in my chest area. What I am wondering, could gastrointestinal problems like the H.Pylori bacteria, chronic gastritis or an ulcer cause the palpitations??

: : : This summer I ended up in the er due to eating gravy and biscuits! I started out with heart flutters and then very fast heartrate, then I panic which didn't help, and the doctor said it was caused all by my stomach and anxiety that I let take over me from the fear of the bad flutters. When he release me my heart was still beating between 110 to 120 and he told my hubby that my heart wouldn't slow down until my food digested, later on I had to have gallbladder surgery. I have mitra valve prolapse and my cardio did tell me that your stomach can cause your heart to act weird sometimes. Hope this info help.This message is for the lady who ate bisquets and gravy!
: : I am interested to know what mitra valve prolapse is. I read with great interest about your racing heart after digesting food. My symtoms usually start after eating. The last time I had a bad episode it was in the car after swallowing a handfull of peanuts. This morning I had it in a restaurant right at the register. (was not related to the check size)! I had trouble in the past with ulcerations in the esaphogus, had several endoscopies done and some pollyps removed.I am sceduled for another endoscopy to make sure this is not the cause of the sudden racing heart.I believe there is a correlation. I also run out of breath at times while eating. Unfortunately the doctors are usually in the hallway before you can explain the onset and other circumstances which led up to the svt.I find this posting of messages extremely helpful and learn more than in the phycians office. It also seems reassuring that there is help although different things will help for different people.
: : Still in the diagnostic stages, Jeanne

: Jeanne: I talk to my cardio about the stomach and the heart and it said it is not the stomach itself that causes the fast heartrate or in my case flutters and fast heartrate but that where my digestive system was messed up that it trigger an unbalance in my nervous system. It is hard to explain, but I have read other postings about people who have problems with their heart after eating too. Mine is isolate incidents, hopefully after having my gallbladder removed I won't have no more occurences of this. Mitra Valve Prolapse is where the mitra valve don't close right, it is a benign conditon that causes alot of annoying problems for the patient though like flutters, fast heartrate, fatique, ect. To read more on mvp, go to that site will explain alot and has more links. I know my dad has acid reflux and has ended up in the er before thinking something was wrong with his heart. I hope that they out what your your problem is. I wish you good health and if you have any more questions feel free to ask, I am not that good at explaning but I will give it my best:) God Bless

Dear Donna;
Thank you so much for referring me to this website on mitra valve prolapse syndrome. I can say yes to 8 out of 10 symptoms. I think I might have the same, will bring it up on my next visit.
Sometimes we can go indeed for years feeling not right at all with vague and not so vague symptoms.
My sister was not diagnosed with juvenile diabetes till she was in her early forties. She was always feeling faint and had the runs every day of her life.We are from Europe and when we grew up we hardly ever saw a doctor.In the US she could pick and choose her doctors and now she is living a life she can manage with insulin and diet.As a child I also felt short of breath especially in the winter.I think the key is knowing what is wrong, so the panic of the unknown can be erased. One thing less to deal with.We are all afraid of the unknown. I think your explanation has helped me greatly and no doubt others who will read the messages searching for answers. Not alone anymore, and again knowlegde is power. Be the best you can be, Jeanne

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