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Re: EKG results

Re: EKG results

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Posted by Jim on October 01, 2000 at 08:50:53:

In Reply to: Re: EKG results posted by Ken on September 24, 2000 at 23:08:50:

: : Hi
: : I am 29, healthy and I recently quit smoking.
: : I exercise a lot, recently I wore a 24 hour heart monitor which revealed. Sinus Bradycardia,
: : rare sinus tachycardia, rare PVC'S and rare PAC's
: : They referred my to a cardialogist. What does all of this mean? They told me not to run until I see the cardialogist. HELP I"M A NERVOUS WRECK!!

: I do not have this condition, but based on my knowledge I have gained and received in my heart support work where I associate with heart surgeons, cardiologists and other medical professionals in the area of heart disease, I can tell you the following:

: Sinus Bradycardia is a persistently slow heartbeat.

: You occasionally have Sinus Tachycardia - rapid heartbeat, PVC's -premature ventricular contractions (the ventricules are the lower chambers of our heart) and PAC's - premature atrial contractions (the atria are the upper chambers of the heart).

: The reason they told you not to run is that with a slow heartbeat, your heart probably cannot pump fast enough to furnish the extra needed blood supply your muscles may need due to the running.

: The cardiologist may recommend a permanent artificial pacemaker. This is a very small device that is implanted underneath the skin. If you have periods of rapid heartbeats, a drug (pill) named a beta blocker may be prescribed. The cardiologist can determine what is best for you to lead a normal life.

: If you would like more information on the terms given or what I have said, I recommend you visit the web site of The American Heart Assn. at Use their Heart & Stroke A-Z Guide and look up the terms used.

: Ken

I would not get too excited yet if you are healthy those findings are probably benign.Bradycardia is a normal finding in a trained athlete because of the strong heart muscle you need less beats to pump enough blood.
I have many of your smae symptoms which to tend to cause anxeity but I have had holters ekg,stress echos,etc and no disease has been found.
If you run often your heart is probably very strong. I'm bike and play hockey and raquetball
and my resting heart beat is usually in the 55-58 range.They don't want you to run because they probably want to do tests to make sure your eart function and size is normal which I'll bet it is.
good luck

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