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Re: Has anyone had a heart cartheterezation although the cardiotlitetest shows no blockag

Re: Has anyone had a heart cartheterezation although the cardiotlitetest shows no blockag

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Posted by To Sandy from Jeanne re; heart cart. on October 23, 2000 at 10:23:22:

In Reply to: Re: Has anyone had a heart cartheterezation although the cardiotlitetest shows no blockag posted by Sandy on October 21, 2000 at 07:34:40:

: : Hi everyone!
: : Sofar I had a regular ekg, showed normal.
: : A heart echo, showed normal. Wore for 1 month an event monitor,showed abnormal heart ekg's.A echostress test after which I was advised to go for a heart cath. I wanted something less invasive.Had an cardiolite stress test this past week. Nuclear medicine goes into the veins while on the treadmill and pictures of the heart are taken before and after the stress. I umderstand that if the medicine does not flow into certain areas of the heart there is a blockage. Mine heart was fine, but the ekg at stress level was 50%
: : irregular. The cardiolite test was read by a second cardiologist, at the request of my primary cardiologist.What causes the sudden rapid irregular heartbeats? Apparently in women heart decease is more difficult to diagnose.The way we are build I read. Anyhow we are not talking about the flu. This is not going away. I was put meanwhile on atenolol very small dosage 12 mg.Sofar no side effects. I will find out the cause! I am contacting different cardiovascular places. Found the Texas Arrhythmia Institute in Houston.The Cleveland Clinic is another fine institute.
: : I think not knowing when it is going to strike again is far worse than receiving a diagnosis one way or the other, at least you can do what it takes to live a normal life.I feel for all of you who needlessly suffer.I am not that young anymore as most of you 54, but intend to do whatever it takes. Did anyone out there had a heart carth. for doagnostic purposes? Love to hear from you! Thanks for writing, Jeanne

: Hi. I had a cath done to measure efficiancy and see if there was any blockage. I think I had just about every other test done also. At the time, I had bundle branch block, along with others signs of heart failure. About a year later, I experinced complete heart block, and had a pacemaker installed. The cath was mainly to see evidence of blockage, to see why my heart wasn't functioning properly. It wasn't much of a deal, except not being able to get up to go to the bathroom! Good luck, Sandy

Thanks Sandy for responding.I feel reassured in knowing that it is less of an ordeal than I thought it might be.I hope your pacemaker allows you to live a relatively normal existence.God Bless, Jeanne

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