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Re: Flip Flopping Heart?

Re: Flip Flopping Heart?

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Posted by allison on October 24, 2000 at 12:27:27:

In Reply to: Re: Flip Flopping Heart? posted by Ja on October 06, 2000 at 05:56:21:

j, we have a lot of similar symptoms. when i first went to the doctors, they brushed me off as having panic attacks. so, for a long time i told myself i was imagining it. but my symptoms got so bad, i finally went to the doctor again because i really couldn't take it anymore.

my symptoms were especially bad after strenuous exercise and eating meals --- i'd get extremely tired afterward, like i couldn't even stand up, and had long bouts of pvcs occurring every third heartbeat. i was diagnosed as having mitral valve prolapse due to a characteristic click and murmur the doctor heard with a stethoscope.

i understand what you mean about your life being greatly impacted. i've finally had to give up running, which for a long time has been my life. my body just can't tolerate it anymore.

i also can feel and "hear" my heartbeat. can count my beats without taking my pulse. also, perhaps request a twenty-four hour holter monitor from your doctor if you haven't been given one already. you can also have an echocardigram done to make sure your heart is structurally ok. i would also request one of these, at least to ease my mind, if i was very worried about it.

: Mariah you sound so much like me! I turned 24 today and have had problems with my heartbeat since I was in my early teens. I also go pale at times. The problem I have is my age! I have been to the Drs several times and they dismiss me because I am young to have heart problems. It was only last month after 8+ years of telling them that my Dr listened to my chest! Hard to believe that they had not even done this before. Straight away she told me she could hear a murmur. I was told at my age this was harmless even though I have had to stop work and most of my social life due to the fact that I am physically exhausted and sleep most of the time. I would like to ask this.

: Is it normal for a 24yr old guy who has been told he has a clear sounding murmur to have a pulse rate of 192 for several hours when he gets up out of bed.

: My friend said she can actualy hear my heartbeat clearly at times. Even though she is standing at the other side of my room. Is this normal?
: My pulse was measured at 40 bpm last time I visited the docs even though it is normally 90.

: I also have proof that my heart beats irregularly at times, I got so angry at the docs for not taking me seriously that I found a way to record the sound of it beating onto an audio tape. It sounds totally out of rhythm for periods of 30 - 50 mins. Not fast at these times but just out of time stopping and starting flipping and flopping and I have the evedence clear on a tape.

: Sorry to run on but this is ruining my life because I am so tired all the time and have no energy.

: Can You or anyone give me any advice? Is this similar to your symptoms? Are there any other young people who have these symptoms?

: Thanks for reading this. J

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