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postural orthostatic tachycardia

postural orthostatic tachycardia

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Posted by Teresa on October 25, 2000 at 11:23:16:

Hello, I am new to this board.. In may i was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia while i was in the CCU at the hospital for three days. What started it is this.. i keep getting a really high heartrate and then i passout.. The only test they did was a tilt table test and a echocardiagram, but they went by the tilt table test and that is how they came upon their diagnoses.. Anyways.. they released me from the hopsial and put me on florinef which is something like a sodium pill... anyways that didn't work AT ALL.. so a month later they took me off of the florinef and put me on atenolol... the atenolol has worked to a point.. it stopped my passing out episodes but didn't really do anything for my chestpain or for my high heart rate.. recently about four weeks ago i started getting these like spells where when my heartrate shoots up from 70 bpm to 180 bpm everything like fades out to black.. i can still hear everything around me but it is all black for about 25 seconds.. anyways my primary doctor here on our marine corps base send me to a new cardiologist because she feels that i have something going on other than the othrostatic tachycarida.. i went in to see the new cardiologist yesterday and they took me off of the atenolol and started me on toprol xl 50 mg one time a day.. i am very very petite.. only 4ft 9in and 95 lbs. this new cardiologist wants to see me again in two weeks.. at that time he is going to do a stress test and connect me to a holter for 24 hrs to try to see if anything else is going on... also sence May i keep getting these chest pains on and off.. sometimes they come on while my heart rate is really high and other times my heartrate is normal but still get the chestpain... yesterday morning before i went to see my cardiologist the chestpains came on.. while i was at my docs visit they did an ekg which they said was "normal".. so they said just to take it easy.. normally when i get these chest pains they will go away after a few mins... well they haven't gone away and they started yesterday morning.. it has now been going on like a squeezing feeling or pressure and it hurts to take deep breaths for like 26 hrs now.. he told me not to go to the ER for this but i don't know what to do.. Is there anything else that could bring tachycardia on?? they said that my case of tachycardia is brought on by change in my bodily positions.. from sitting to standing or even rolling over in bed... nothing is helping and i don't know what to do!! Any suggestions are appreciated.

Teresa Douga

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