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Re: best described as air hunger

Re: best described as air hunger

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Posted by Patti on October 27, 2000 at 10:15:29:

In Reply to: Re: best described as air hunger posted by Ken on September 01, 2000 at 00:33:20:

: : I'm new to this forum and I don't know if I'm posting to the proper place, but hopefully someone can help. In May, I started having problems breathing. I could best describe it as air hunger. I would try really hard to take a deep breath. Much harder than normal. Also, I've noticed my heart "skipping" a beat every now and then. This has gone on all summer long, and never fully goes away. Tonight, I noticed my heart was beating really hard all day, and now I can't sleep. I'm sure part of it is anxiety about it, but I know something's not right somewhere. I just checked my pulse and it was a little over 80/min. I think that's kind of high,, but again, could be anxiety. Also, I visited a doctor and had an EKG and CT scan on my chest, along with all standard tests (pulse check, blood pressure, etc) and everything turned out fine. But again, I KNOW something is wrong. Any ideas on what I should do or what it could be? Please help. It scares me and I desperately want to breathe normal again. Oh, I'm 25 and overweight, which I'm sure has something to do with it, although I do run around and play a lot.

: It appears you've had adequate tests to clear any serious problems involving your heart and lungs.

: You may have what are termed PVC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions). These are not usually serious, just annoying. They can be triggered by anxiety and stress.

: Your being overweight could contribute to your breathing problem.

: People with PVC's are usually told to try to avoid stress, cut out any caffeine (regular coffee, tea and colas, etc.), and avoid alcohol.

: Exercise is one of the best stress relievers, and I assume you have cleared any exercise routine with your doctor. This, exercise, coupled with a low fat diet, should help you get rid of the extra weight. Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise.

: If you feel you are having problems coping with anxiety and stress, I suggest you take a stress management course. These courses are offered from time to time, usually at nominal cost, by many hospitals.

: Good luck to you.

: Ken

It might be worth your while to check with a gastroenterologist. It could be acid reflux mimicking asthma. It is a common problem. Also, on the echo that was done - how was the mitral valve? Ask your doctor about Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. I have been going through the same thing.

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