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Re: Heart Palpitations and Aspartame

Re: Heart Palpitations and Aspartame

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Posted by Wulfius-Khan on November 21, 2000 at 05:22:44:

In Reply to: Re: Heart Palpitations and Aspartame posted by Peter on November 10, 2000 at 15:47:34:

I have been having shortness of breath and occasional heart arithmia as of about 4-5 months.

I had all the heart tests (No problem).
Once I head a heart racing at 140bpm.
Every time I admit myself to an emergyncy (6 times now) I think Im about to have a heart attack.

Im 36, 139kg when it started (I now controlled my weight down to 126 and still going down (8400kj per day)).

Frustrated with the inability of the doctors to find out what is wrong with me I wrote down everything relevant to my case, symptoms, medications, diagnostic results, history.
Took 3 pages of 10pica font.
Then I went to a few MDs.

I hit the jackpot. One of the doctors is actually an MD as well as a naturopath (how is that for a rare combination). He had one look at my symptoms
and he said: asparteme (+coffeine,+msg).

I have been drinking up to 4L of diet pepsi per day plus coffee.

I did some research on the net today (something Im good at). And my symptoms confirm to the latter
other stories out there.

I hope its not too late for me to recover, my doc
says I might have done too much nerve damage (asparteme,coffeine and MSG are nerve toxins).

High levels of GGT were shown in my blood tests, and Im not even a drinker (nor do I have liver cancer (I think). I can only attribute this to asparteme (methanol conversion + liver damage).

Aspartame is very very bad stuff.

PS. There is one website where people ask the local
doctor about asparteme and other health effects.
Be weary of that docs advice, he is so ignorant
on the widely publicised effects of the shit.

If I did not experience first hand the effects
I would have thought the anti-asparteme web stuff
is a conspiracy theory rant. I am a very rational
person (excessively so) and I state fully cognisant of the facts. CUT THE STUFF IMMEDIATELY.

NOTE: You may want to do this gradually in two cases (one mine) the quick cut brought harsh symptoms.

SUGAR is better, at least all you do is get fat.

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