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Re: what could this be?

Re: what could this be?

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Posted by Alex on November 21, 2000 at 18:53:49:

In Reply to: what could this be? posted by amanda614 on October 30, 2000 at 13:56:44:

: Okay, to make a long story short, this whole past summer has been horrible, with everything from chest pains,palpitations,dizziness, near fainting,sweating,chills,vision problems, headaches,tingling,etc.etc.etc. i was diagnosed with Anxiety, which i already know. I constantly think i am dying, and fret over every symptom. well, recently, after i watched the movie Beaches. i have been feeling alot of palps,a little chest pain, and some breathlessness. actually, when i breathe out, it feels kind of like i want to cough. I am fearing cardiomyopathy,(since thats what she had in the movie) I had a baby in April, and that's when everything started. actully, my last couple of months of pregancy, a couple of times i felt like i was going to faint, never did though. and I always felt out of breath. i chalked it up to being pregnant. well, the day i got out of the hospital, i had a cough, just a dry cough and that's it, for a week. now, 5 months later, I got the almost fainting thing again a few times. and i get the chills too, like i have the flu or something. does it sound like what i think it is? or something serious? i have a big fear of death. BTW. i did have an ekg, but i'm going to the dr. today and going to demand and echo test. maybe more if they'll do it. any ideas, but try not to scare me too much. thanks, amanda

I'm 33 years old male, just started to feel flu like symptoms, sore troat at first, then coughing, fever. Week later I got lung pains (or maybe it was a chest pain.?.) So it felt like flu or pneumonia. 1.5 week later started to feel dizzy for next couple of days, and on the third day I was standing and all the sertain I got pouring cold sweat and when I tried to walk, neerly fainted. So now I went to doctor, asked if it was a flu, and doctor said no. Looked like bronchitus, but when doctor took my blood preasure, it was 160/58, and it's been high for next 3 days. So now it may look like I have some kind a heart problem... I hope not. I'm Going to take a blood test tonite. So symtomps do sound like cardiomyopathy (exept I have a good apetite, and no swelling of legs) , especialy since I broke up with my girlfriend after 7 years being together, I was under a lot of stress since March this year, trying to get my finances and life back on track, plus smoking and drinking, going out to clubs 3-4 nights a week.
So it may just look like I pushed myself a bit hard... I guess I'll find out in couple of days.

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