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Re: hepatitis at nail salon?.......... For Thanbey

Re: hepatitis at nail salon?.......... For Thanbey

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Posted by Donna on August 26, 2000 at 22:02:01:

In Reply to: Re: hepatitis at nail salon?.......... For Thanbey posted by thanbey on August 26, 2000 at 20:52:49:

: : : : Can you get a case of hepatitis or any other STD's from sitting on a public toilet seat? Please answer back i really need the info! It might sound like a stupid question but i don't know! Any responses would be really appreciated!
: : : : Thankyou,
: : : : Donna
: : : : P.S. How long can hepatitis strains live outside the human body?
Dear Thanbey,
I might be infected? Should i go get tested?
: : : Dear Donna,

: : : You can get hepatitis A from touching a toilet seat with your hands and then putting your hands on anything you eat.

: : : ALWAYS wash your hands after using the restroom (home or public) with hot soapy water.

: : : Use the paper protection in restrooms to cover the toilet seat. STD's are contracted by sharing body fluids directly. Hepatitis C is not considered an STD at this time although it can be
: : : transmitted sexually.

: : :
: : : The risk of transmission of hepatitis C in a public restroom depends on some things. The virus does last longer in the environment than other viruses.

: : : It has been found to live in tattoo ink and in that blue stuff the manicurists (nail techs) use for up to 14 days! This is in ideal laboratory conditions. Tattoos and manicures (sculpted nails) are a much greater risk than a public restroom
: : : because of this. Most amnuicurists do not autoclave their tools, so take your own. As for tattoos, it is virtually impossible to sterilize the machinery and the environment to the degree necessary for this to be safe. Some high-end
: : : tattooists do task precautions, but not thee is too much blood, and too many clients to keep the level of cleanliness to near surgical standards, which it what I would recommend.

: : : However, back to the restrooms. If the restroom is used to shoot (or snort) drugs, or have sexual contact there could be some risk.

: : : In fact, if anyone has been bleeding on the toilet seat and then you come along with an open wound where you sit, it is possible, though highly unlikely, that you could be exposed. Blood to blood, or blood to mucous is necessary for an exposure.
: : : Not all exposures become infections.

: : : If you frequent places where violent fights break out and the restroom is used to wash up wounds, then some risk is conceivable (but still remote).

: : : Now, for those who think this is a joke, or a sarcastic reply, I want to assure you that it is not. Places such as these exist and may pose some risk to those who frequent them.

: : :
: : : For the Mac Donald's (BurgerKing, Applebee's) crowd, there is virtually no risk at all and no such infection has ever been reported.

: : : DO wash your hands!

: : : thanbey

: : :
: : Dear Thanbey,
: : Thankyou for responding! I have another question,
: : i was at the manicurest and she was pushing my cuticals back and cut me with the tool. I was bleeding a little bit. I didn't bother to tell her. She was touching my hands and buffing them i never cleaned it. After she put acohol over my nails and it got into my cut. Inside i was like ouch- ouch. I didn't see her sterilize them before doing me. I never cleaned it out!
: : Should i get tested, am i at risk? Please right back soon!
: : Thankyou,
: : Donna

: Dear donna,

: The incident you describe is a risk factor. If you get your nails done regularly, invest in a goos sdet of tools and take them with you. Insist they are used.

: I believe everyone should be tested a regular part of a physical. If you have any risk factors, all the more reason.

: thanbey


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