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Re: Hep c

Re: Hep c

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Posted by thanbey on August 27, 2000 at 20:10:41:

In Reply to: Hep c posted by Smith on August 27, 2000 at 19:30:03:

: I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on sleeping with people who don't know that you are HCV positive. Is it wrong to do so?

Here is a post I made on another board regarding the same question:

"the comments I made were specifically made regarding the
elements of a new relationship and disclosure.

When I made reference to a partner who may face the consequences, I
was speaking about a spouse or partner's right to know. Not the infected
partner, the other person.

As before, the risks are really unknown at this point. The percentages are
well documented in terms of what various experts think, based on
epidemiological study and pure conjecture. Sexual transmission happens
a lot. Why? Because people have repeated exposures (if you catch my
drift!) That's about numbers, not percentages. A lot of people have HCV
but do not know it. Those same people have sex a lot, many with multiple
partners multiple times. Monogamous sexual partners may have
developed an immunity of sorts. This is still unclear. Monogamy as a
concept remains undefined as well, by the way. For some people,
particularly younger people, it means one parter at a time, or one partner
every six weeks or months! Just when does a new relationship convert
into a monogamous one? When does casual convert into serious?
Difficult to draw these lines, I think.

As I have many times stated, the actual risks (however low) are not as
important as the consideration of your partner's comfort with
ANY risk at all. The bottom line, to me, is that you must have as much
consideration for your partner as you do for yourself and your own needs
and feelings. And that you want from them, isn't it?

We are still discovering the answers to your questions. The more
important issue in the discussion is the consequence to a loving
relationship that not telling will bring. Likewise, both partners going into a
sexual union freely, openly, trustingly, and responsibly enhances the
chances that the bond will survive a transmission should one occur.

I am speaking on this board in general terms. Many more people read
this than post. My concern is that information contain all the issues so
that those who are in a decisionmaking mode have as many things to
consider as possible.

The reliability of condom use is well documented (95%+). Breaks occur
and accidents happen, so it isn't 100%. I advise it, anyway.

Life is full of everything, except guarantees. But you can increase the
odds of having a solid relationship and decrease the risk of transmission
by being a loving and responsible partner to those you are involved with,
on any level.

(added to for this board: YES, in my opinion it is wrong not to inform a sexual partner of the risk and allow them to
decide whether they wish to accept the risk)

I hope this helps,


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