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Re: Blood Test - Hep C positive

Re: Blood Test - Hep C positive

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Posted by Lynne on September 26, 2000 at 17:10:40:

In Reply to: Re: Blood Test - Hep C positive posted by thanbey on September 26, 2000 at 07:52:36:

: : Can someone please explain to me the following:
: : SGOT (AST) 61 (high)
: : SGPT (ALT) 103 (high)
: : GGT (GGTP) 91 (high)

: : I had a blood test sent back from an Insurance company. They claim I tested positive for Hep C. It was a shock to me. I don't know how I could have gotten it. I have never been sick with Hepititis. Are the following scores dangerous?

: Dear Yaz,

: The scores are not dangerous. The dangerous levels are in the 1000's. But, they are high and could mean several things.

: First, a positive antibody test does not mean you have an active disease. You will need a PCR-RNA to confirm the diagnosis.
: The scores can be elevated because you do have an active infection, but they could also be elevated from other causes, like drinking alcohol.

: Your next step should be to see a specialist (gastroenterologist). Ask whether they have many HCv patients. You will need the test I mentioned, plus a biopsy to determine whether there is any damage to your liver. That is the only way to know.
: If you find a doctor that will not do a biopsy, or if you find one that wants to put you on a treatment before he has seen the results, resist this and insist on having these tests first.
: Many people with hepatitis C do not need to be treated. With lifestyle adjustments (NO alcohol from now on and NO smoking) most people can live with this disease and manage it quite well.

: The current treatments can be very hard on a person for a number of reasons and they can make your worse rather than better, even when they work. So they should be reserved only for people who have serious enough disease that they must be treated.

: Hepatitis C is very rarely fatal. If you take care of yourself your chances of having serious complications are low.

: DO the following:

: Abstain form Alcohol (this is extremely important)
: Abstain from smoking and smoking environments
: Avoid toxic fumes (paint, gasoline, exhaust)
: Be careful with your blood, cover cuts
: Do not share personal hygiene items, toothbrushes, razors, manicure tools
: Do not get a tattoo
: If you have multiple sex partners, wear a condom, every time.
: Discuss the risk with your spouse or partner. They need to know there is some risk (it is low in long term couples)

: I hope this helps,

: thanbey

I was diagnosed with Hep C In Sept. 99. I have been told since 1991 that my liver enzymes were high. (I was infected 20 yrs. ago---had a tatoo done in FL when i was 16yrs. old) I had a liver biopsy in June. The biopsy has shown that I have fibrosis on a scale of 1-4, I am a 2.

I would like to say that i am very disturbed at the posts that say there is no cure. I have 3 friends that have had no trace whatsoever of the virus in 3yrs after undergoing treatment. I have gone to several meetings put on by Scripps Clinic, UCSD & info from Scherring Plough along with info from my Dr. that they have cured many. Especially genotype's 2 & 3. I have genotype 3.

After 5 wks. (Now completed 7wks) of hell on the treatment my ALT level went from 188 at the start down to 31 (this is in the normal range 1st time since 1991). Unfortunately i need to cont. the Rebetron combo therapy til Feb. the full 24Weeks. I have been told, and after doing a tremendous amount of reading, that if my ALT level along with the viral load, mine started at 1,028,000, can remain in the normal range & the viral load 0, 6mos. after treatment then the Hep C is cured and the only way to get the virus is to get reinfected. So the struggle with the treatment makes it all worth that. ( I have every side effect from trouble breathing, fatigue, hair thinning, fever, depression) But w/excellent results this quick, I will cont. the treatment.

If you disagree with my statements regarding the cure of Hep C please respond and explain where you get your info. The updated #'s for response rate is no longer 20% it is now closer to 60-80%. So please look at new test numbers & please don't discourage anyone from getting treatment & the advice about going to a gastrointerologist with experience with Hep C is excellent Advice.


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