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Intravenous Vitamin C Drips for Hepatitis C

Intravenous Vitamin C Drips for Hepatitis C

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Posted by thanbey on October 12, 2000 at 00:01:29:

In Reply to: To Thanbey & Tim--Re: Intravenous Vitamin C Drips for Hepatitis C posted by Pam on October 11, 2000 at 22:57:16:

: I appreciate your prompt responses. I also understand the desperation that sends those of us who are ill out to find WHATEVER panacea promises a cure...even if it could kill us. So, Thanbey, I appreciate your conservative approach. However, Interferon "helps" a very small percentage of patients, and can make them worse. My liver specialist, one of the best in N.Y., does NOT want me to take Interferon and Ribavirin. He wants me to try to hold out until a REAL drug comes along. Interferon is to Hepatitis C what AZT was to AIDS.
: And Tim, you are so right in your response about Hep C patients having to turn to alternative treaatments. We have no choice but to experiment on ourselves...after getting as much information as possible. I have actually had IC Vitamin C, and it makes me feel much less fatigued and depressed. I am just concerned about getting it all the time. I have only had two treatments.

: Pam

Dear Pam,

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the interferon treatments (as evidenced by my posts below).

My approach is conservative, that is true. None of these "treatments" have shown any benefit in clinical studies. There are, however, complimentary treatments that do offer some relief. Low protein in the diet, low fats, exercise (even if you don't feel like it), silymarin, and vitamin supplements without iron.

Now the antioxidents need more investigation because fibrosis is the liver attempting to heal itself. Research is now underway to try to identify this process and to determine whether it is actually an over response to injury and toxins.

The most beneficial steps a person can take is to restrict exposure to toxins (paint fumes, exhaust, perfumes and household cleaners etc), abstainence from alcohol intake, and NO smoking of any kind (including second hand smoke)

In any case, no matter what you put into your body via blood, lungs or on the skin it will be processed through the liver, including vitamins.

My caution to you is not to necessarily assume that because a little bit of something is good, a lot is better. This is true for any substance including vitamin C. We have a naturopath on our advisory board and I can tell you there is no need to experiment on yourself. Desperation needs to be dealt with and in the current hype over the "dangers" of hepatitis C, many who read the marketing materials and media reports are being needlessly alarmed.

More people will die with Hepatitis C than of it. It does not require treatment of any kind in the majority of cases.

I hope this helps,


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