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Posted by sean on October 26, 2000 at 00:36:48:

In Reply to: HELLO posted by Don on October 25, 2000 at 20:56:10:

This will strike you as strange, perhaps, but for the majority of people who test positive for hep c, it will have no effect--i said NO effect--on their expected life span. It may cause some symptoms (why were you at the dr's?), exhaustion and headache, for example, are common. But for most--yes most--it will do little else.

Hep C is a serious matter because for SOME it leads to real liver disease. For this group hep c is very serious indeed. still, it is a minority of us.

For others, the liver damage may not be so serious, but the symptoms such as tiredness can get so strong as to impair one's life quite a bit. This group too, is a minority of suffers. Probably a bigger group than the serious liver disease group, tho.

And for some, perhaps many, they may live their whole, long lives without ever knowing or caring about it.

To know more about your case, you'll want to get further tests, the first and easiest being liver enzyme tests. these will give important hints (as will whether you have symptoms or not)as to whether your case merits concern.

It's very very important to have a dr. who specializes in the liver, and who you can talk to easily. There is much to learn and discuss with this disease,nothing is simple or black and white.

It's much too early to start to worry about how long you'll live. I have had hep c for 35 years, as near as we can pin down the date of infection, and my tests show only moderate liver disease after all this time.

Read up a little on it, talk to an understanding doc, and RELAX til someone gives you more info and more cause for worry.


: Hello everyone I am pleased to have found this Website. Especially after finding out today
: I may have HEP C. I'll find out friday for sure. My doctor wants to talk to me about the results

: of my Hep C test so I probably am positive why else would he keep me in suspense?

: Anyway, if I do have it how long can I live with It?


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