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Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes

Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes

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Posted by Grant on November 03, 2000 at 21:12:34:

In Reply to: Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes posted by sean on November 03, 2000 at 20:35:11:

: : I just had blood results come back and i have a liver enzyme count of 65. I'm 26 and a non drinker. The doctor sent me for Hep. C test and i'm very scared. I have not had sex with anyone in over 1yr and a half but i had a tattoo 13 months ago. The needles were taken out of a new package in front of me so i doubt that could be the cause. My doctor says he thinks it may be a fatty liver..He says he is about 80% sure but he wants it done anyway. I initially went in for an irregular heatbeat which he says is not a symtom. Please give me more info i'm not geting my results till next week..

: : Thanks

: hi grant

: which liver enzyme(s) was (were) elevated? it matters a bit. LOTS of things can cause ALT to increase--for instance, strenuous exercise. Have your blood tests, including for hepatitis a,b, and c antibodies. depending on those results, you may need other tests thereafter. none of them are burdensome.

: what are your dr's reasons for suspecting fatty liver?

: anyway, the first mention of hep c is the scariest. you may not even have it, so it's pretty early to get too worried. if you do turn out to be hep c positive, you will learn that it is scarier in the telling of it than in the actual having of it and coping with it. i've had hep c for more than three decades, and i'm still here (i think).

: write back when you find out more.

: sean

Thanks for Replying Sean

I'm a little overweight for my height (5'11"-248lbs) and he says that could mean a fatty liver! I've also had high lipase numbers which he said is linked to a blockage in the digestive track or from the consumption of a lot of alcohol which i don't drink. A yr ago i had a sonogram and it came back negative for a blockage.

Do you know if lipase is conected with Hep. C? I do have some discomfort in my abdomin but it seems to have occured more since my research!!! Is abdomin pain very painful?

I think it was ALT i was screened for at 65 but i am unsure. I was told by my Doctor Hep. patients are usually higher but not always.

What kind of quality of life am i looking at? I'm not in a relationship now and i would like to eventualy have a family. This must be a problem in a love life? If u could tell me some symtoms asociated and any other info you may know it would be greatly apreciated.


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