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Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes

Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes

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Posted by Grant on November 10, 2000 at 16:15:05:

In Reply to: Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes posted by sean on November 05, 2000 at 18:23:25:

Hi Sean,

I just received my results and they were all negative. I'm still having some problems and we are going to do a ultrasound. My ALT scores were still at 65, i have big rashes on my legs that don't want to go away, an increased irregular heatbeat and some abdominal discomfort.

I would like to tank u Sean for replying to my messages. You helped me have the strength to wait and gave me an different outlook on this diesease. I wish u well whatever you do in the future.



: hi again grant

: My ALT results have been consistently above 75 for the longest time. and, as i said, i'm still here. but, hepatitis c folks can have all kinds of ratings.

: the risk of sexual transmission is low--most studies show it is under 5 percent for people who have lifetime monogamous relationships. that's over years and years of intimate relations. and, these studies were just about all of people who spent the last few decades, like all of us did, ignorant about hep c, therefore without taking any particular precautions. (they probably swiped each others razors without asking, too, as all spouses do, etc.) still, the rates are low--some studies show the risk as under one percent.
: i was married for more than two decades, fathered a houseful of children. (including five daughters who seemed to make a special sport of using my razors without asking!). since my diagnosis EVERYBODY has been tested, and all are quite clear of the disease.

: so, i don't want to disrespect this disease or your concerns, but it is WAY too early to worry about your life deteriorating dramatically. please, relax a bit. let's get your other tests results and see what comes.

: i don't know about lipase, but the liver is a key organ for fat metabolism, therefore liver diseases can affect blood fats. obesity is indeed linked to fatty liver, but i admit your weight does not sound like classic obesity. But, only you and your dr. know your frame, bone density, and like that, so, who knows?

: anyway, keep the faith. you're probably gonna be allright. even if results come back worrisome, you'll find out that there are things to do to help.

: keep in touch.

: : : : I just had blood results come back and i have a liver enzyme count of 65. I'm 26 and a non drinker. The doctor sent me for Hep. C test and i'm very scared. I have not had sex with anyone in over 1yr and a half but i had a tattoo 13 months ago. The needles were taken out of a new package in front of me so i doubt that could be the cause. My doctor says he thinks it may be a fatty liver..He says he is about 80% sure but he wants it done anyway. I initially went in for an irregular heatbeat which he says is not a symtom. Please give me more info i'm not geting my results till next week..

: : : : Thanks

: : :
: : : hi grant

: : : which liver enzyme(s) was (were) elevated? it matters a bit. LOTS of things can cause ALT to increase--for instance, strenuous exercise. Have your blood tests, including for hepatitis a,b, and c antibodies. depending on those results, you may need other tests thereafter. none of them are burdensome.

: : : what are your dr's reasons for suspecting fatty liver?

: : : anyway, the first mention of hep c is the scariest. you may not even have it, so it's pretty early to get too worried. if you do turn out to be hep c positive, you will learn that it is scarier in the telling of it than in the actual having of it and coping with it. i've had hep c for more than three decades, and i'm still here (i think).

: : :
: : : write back when you find out more.

: : :
: : : sean

: :
: : Thanks for Replying Sean

: : I'm a little overweight for my height (5'11"-248lbs) and he says that could mean a fatty liver! I've also had high lipase numbers which he said is linked to a blockage in the digestive track or from the consumption of a lot of alcohol which i don't drink. A yr ago i had a sonogram and it came back negative for a blockage.

: : Do you know if lipase is conected with Hep. C? I do have some discomfort in my abdomin but it seems to have occured more since my research!!! Is abdomin pain very painful?

: : I think it was ALT i was screened for at 65 but i am unsure. I was told by my Doctor Hep. patients are usually higher but not always.

: : What kind of quality of life am i looking at? I'm not in a relationship now and i would like to eventualy have a family. This must be a problem in a love life? If u could tell me some symtoms asociated and any other info you may know it would be greatly apreciated.

: : Grant

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