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Re: Question for thanbey autoimmune hepatitus

Re: Question for thanbey autoimmune hepatitus

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Posted by Sunshine S. on November 12, 2000 at 10:17:35:

In Reply to: Re: Question for thanbey autoimmune hepatitus posted by anna on November 05, 2000 at 20:44:08:

: : : Four weeks back I became very sick, with hard pain upper right abdomen, fever,
: : : extreme fatigue, and general ill feeling. Blood test show elevated liver enzymes of around 700.
: : : A panel showed Neg. for A or C.
: : : Additional blood work show some evidence of Lupus.(the dr. never explain what that meant)
: : : I had extreme fatigue, pain and some low-grade fever for about 2 wks.
: : : Liver enzymes rechecked about a week after the initial text, liver enzymes were still elevated
: : : Also was recheck for A and C Hepatitis and again negative.
: : : 1 wk later I started to feel better, the blood work( 2 wks after the first one) showed liver
: : : enzymes at normal range.
: : : My physician still believes that I have autoimmune. . I had my gallbladder remover 10 yrs
: : : ago. There was no evidence of stones or blocked duct (I also had a CT scan of my abdomen.)
: : : He believes that may have been the onset of autoimmune.
: : : 5 yrs ago I started taking synthroid because of Hypothyroid.
: : : Now 3 wks later I have some pain, a few times low grade fever but generally I feel pretty good.
: : : My doctor wants to do a liver biopsy
: : : I am so confused. I am going to have the liver biopsy done. I just don't understand how
: : : my enzymes can go back down to normal.
: : : Can at times your liver enzymes go down to normal with autoimmune hepatitis.
: : : I don't know if I should go to a different doctor, have my liver enzyems
: : : checked again, or just go have the biopsy. I just don't know if what I am experiencing,
: : : other people with autoimmune hep. have had the same up and down symptoms.
: : : I am just so confused
: : : I would appreciate you sharing any knowledge that you have on autoimmune
: : : and if it can cause the symptoms to come and go.
: : : thank you for your time
: : : Anna
: : Hi Anna, I have auto-hep. and I stongly suggest you get a liver biospy that will tell your Dr. exact details of what's going on. If you have liver problems he may refer you to a Gastroenterologist , I have learned not to waste time finding what's wrong. My enzymes are stable now but it's controlled with medications and better diet. You definately have symptoms and they need to make a diagnosis.
: Hi Sunshine,
: Thank you for the information you have shared with me. Yes, you are right I will
: continue with the follow up and have the biopsy.
: That I think will give me the information that I need. Once again, thank you for your
: time and knowledge. If I can ask you, at any time (before treatment) did your
: enzymes return to normal.
: Anna

Anna, I had all the symtoms you did except I had jaundice, my skin turned yellow. I was not aware of enzyme problems until I was diagnosed. My liver enzymes did go up and down, mostly up until medication got my inflamation of my liver under control. I had alot of blood tests to monitor my enzymes, now they are stable I have a blood test once a month. I noticed a big drop in my elevated enzymes when I cut out all artifical sweetners I learned they wreck havoc on the liver if you have liver concerns. I thought I had a flu bug but what a surprise it was when I discovered I had liver damage.

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