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Re: Quality of life during treatment?

Re: Quality of life during treatment?

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Posted by Lisa on October 27, 1999 at 21:59:39:

In Reply to: Re: Quality of life during treatment? posted by Pat from Texas on October 27, 1999 at 21:05:31:

: I've read a couple of these messages and I just needed to get some things out. My last boyfriend who I love very much discovered that he has Hep C. Anyway since then he has ended our relationship because of the discovery. I still want to be with him but he wants to proect me from what he has to deal with. Do you feel that I should leave him alone to let him cope. I just want to be with him through all of this. Will he be able to live a normal life? MArriage, kids, and all?
: : :
: : : : Thanks, Pat from Texas. By the way, I'm coming out of my denial, man what trip this HCV is. I just got some lab back, but haven't had time to talk to the doc about it. He said in a phone message to me that my viral count is low but I have geno-type 1a. 800,000 virus per cub/ml.

: : : : Bob from California
: : : Glad to hear from Pat from Texas. I cannot find any support groups here in Wichita Falls. Could sure use one. I have been on Combo therapy for 3 months and it has been difficult to work and just cope with life in general. The depression is awful, along with the other side effects. Do you know who I could reach in this area of Texas?

: : :
: : : Bob,
: : : You go through a lot of different stages once you know about your HCV. At first I thought it was the end of life, then I worried about where I got it from, I'm passed all of that now and just working with this treatmennt. Check for a support group in your area. I'll never forget the first mmeting I went to, I thought it was so depressing everyone talking about how bad they felt, or about how brain dead you get from this treatment. Now it is uplifting to go a share with people who are going through the same thing as us a when we forget what we were talking about we all laugh. It's strange how the interferon makes you very forgetful. I use to let it bother me but now I just laugh. Just remenber your NOT ALONE.
: : : PAT from Texas

: Bob, from California
: Check with the Health Dept. about a support group in your area. Also in our Sunday paper it lists all kinds of support groups for our area. Going on 12 weeks now and believe it I am starting to feel a little bit better. Went to the Doctors last week and I was becoming anemic which was making me so tired. He cut down on the pills I am taking everyday. I am now taking only 4 Ribovirin pills instead of 5. Seems to have made a different. I go the week of the 12th of November for the test to see if this treatment has decrease the viris in my liver. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
: Pat from Odessa,Texas

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