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Re: HEP C and Depression

Re: HEP C and Depression

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Posted by tanya on February 19, 2000 at 20:24:13:

In Reply to: Re: HEP C and Depression posted by scot on February 19, 2000 at 16:08:57:

: : : : I have had chronic hepatitis c for about 10 years. I am a 34 year old female and have decided
: : : : totally against any form of interferon etc, as I do not like the side effects at all. As well, my liver
: : : : function tests are good, so I am staying away from treatment.
: : : : What I want to know is, is this depression and fatigue that seem to be with me all the time,
: : : : are they normal for someone with hep c, or is it all an excuse or in my mind?
: : : : I do not work, because I am tired, and I am currently seeing a psych, and he has advised me
: : : : take celexa. How many other Hep C people are on antidepressants too???
: : : : Its like, even though my liver function tests are normal, should I still be feeling like crap?
: : : : I just feel like I might be using the disease as an excuse not to function normally.
: : : : What about pregnancy??The tiredness I have now would increase heaps if I were to have a baby,
: : : : so that is on the backburner too.
: : : : My husband is working 2 jobs for us and i do nothing. Just seems grossly unfair.
: : : : I have to take energy pills to try and get me going and to go for a walk and then get some food at
: : : : the shops is all I can do in a day.
: : : : I really had to get this stuff off my chest, and any advice/info/help etc. much appreciated.
: : : : Thanks for listening.

: : : Tanya
: : : Chronic fatigue is a symptom that many people experience with Chronic Hep C. Nearly everyone (one exception) feels fatigued. Many people are not able to work, some are. Some can work with fatigue some can't. Each person is different.
: : : I've known that I have had Hep C for 8 years. I worked for 3 years with fatigue and before starting Interferon therapy. The side effects I experienced with this therapy were Horrific for me. I could not work while on Interferon and have not been able to return. Incidently I tried Interferon therapy twice. It failed both times.

: : : Depression could be caused in part by a persons inability to function as they once could (energy).
: : : If you are very deppresed you might not want to try Interferon in this state. One of the many side effect of this therapy is deppression. More than one person I have personally talked to became suicidal while in Interferon therapy an had to discontinue it.

: : : As for Anti-deppressant drugs, I have tried about a dozen different ones. They don't work for me. Some times the side effects from them make me feel worse (more deppressed). I find that I can deal with my deppression better without taking any medication for it. However everyone is different.

: : : I hope my thoughts help . Scot

: : Thanks heaps Scot, I do not feel so alone at all now!!! I just thought because the doctors always
: : say that my liver function tests appear ok. that I should be feeling ok too.
: : And the truth is, I just dont. Have you tried the SSRI antidepressants? I am a little bit apprehensive
: : about them. I find I have to take these energy tablets called VIGs. They have guarana in
: : them, ginseng and ginkgo and I also take 1/2 a sudafed tablet with them. I know its probably
: : bad for my liver, but I honestly dont think I could do anything without an energy boost.
: : Do you do anything specific for energy?
: : Anyway, Scot, nice to hear from you and thanks for your reply.
: : Hope I hear from you again.

: Tanya
: I don't know what SSRI anti depressants are.
: Fatigue can be caused by other things as well as Hep C. however fatigue is a common symptom of Hep C.
: A long time friend of mine and a very successful businessman who has Hep C, deppression and fatigue. His enzyme levels (spgt, sgot) are normal but he experiences fatigue.
: If you have fatigue you have it. sometimes depression can make you feel fatigued, so you may be getting this way from dep.. and Hep C.
: I take a low strength multi vit-min supplement this helps me some with energy.
: I also take Milk thistle extract it is distributed in Europe through presciption and used as a liver tonic. It helps to keep my liver from hurting as often and less severe pain.

: A friend of mine who has Hep C and advanced cirrhosis of the liver was trying to get placed on a transplant list. He started taking Milk thistle extract, it brought his liver function numbers down. One of the evaluating Dr.'s for transplants told him to keep doing whatever it was that brought these levels down. They took him off the evaluation list. He was also experiencing esophagial bleeding before the milk thistle and has not had this happen for 2 years now. could it be the milk thisle extrat? I really dont know.

: I deal with my fatigue by taking one or two naps per day and I make sure I'm not too active that causes too much fatigue. when i get too fatigued I get run down, ornry and susseptable for other diseases especially colds and ear aches.It has been hard for me to live a mainly sedentary life style because of how active I have been all my life.
: I have had to quit exercising except for short walks. I used to Run (up to 36 mile in a day) weight lifting, mountain bikng, canoing, horse riding, etc..
: I think this adds to my depression.
: Major adverse changes in life have brought on major depression for me ie.. Loss of job, income, ability to exercise and work happened all at once.
: When I was able to deal more effectively then the deppression went from major to moderate. My depression seems to be situational.

: scot

SSRI antidepressants are such things as prozac, zoloft, celexa etc.
I appreciate the milk thistle info. I will look into it as I have not used it before. Sounds most
helpful!! I find that if I go for a walk a few times per week, depression seems to really lift.
It tires me about tremendously, and I usually have to nap in the afternoon, even after just going for
a walk, but it certainly helps the heaviness.
So do you have regular blood tests or what stage is your liver in?
I mean,not all cases end up as cirrhosis, do they?
Sometimes I feel like an old lady, because I can do so little in life!! Most frustrating!!Although
I think my mind has been in a bit of a hole for years, so that has not helped.
Thanks for contact and hopefully there will be contact again soon.

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