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Re: My dad has been told last week that he has Hep C. Only blood transfusion was done in 1960. Help

Re: My dad has been told last week that he has Hep C. Only blood transfusion was done in 1960. Help

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Posted by Carolyn on March 01, 2000 at 01:37:41:

In Reply to: Re: My dad has been told last week that he has Hep C. Only blood transfusion was done in 1960. Help posted by scot on February 29, 2000 at 21:20:35:

: : My father is 75 years old and is due for knee replacement surgery in early March. I guess its routine to donate
: : blood for your own surgery if it is needed. Well, the results came back from the first pint and they told him
: : that he has Hep C. Well, here I am a week later going nuts, sleepless and all of the above. My father had a
: : major surgery in 1960 (spinal fusion) and more than likely received a transfusion. So, 40 years later the infamous
: : Canadian Red Cross (Canadian Blood Services) now tell us he has tested positive for Hep C. He has
: : gone for another test and that also came back positive. But, I don't know what type of test it was. My dad's GP is
: : a moron so it may have just been a general test. What I would like to know is if my father has had this for
: : 40 years, and shows no physical signs of Hep C problems, is it likely that it is dormant and will not cause him
: : a problem? Or could have his immune system fought it off when he contracted it in 1960 and now only traces
: : of hep c are visable?

: : Next question. So he meets my mother 20 years later and they make a kid, me. Can it be passed on to her and
: : me? She has never had any complaints of liver problems. But she does have a poor appetite. (has had a poor appetite
: : ever since I can remember) She has given her blood for testing on Monday and I have on Friday. No results in yet.
: : The obvious answer here that we should all be worried, but if its been in my dad for 40 years and he has no signs of
: : problems, and either does my mom, would it be safe to conclude that our immune systems have fought off
: : this horrible disease?

: : Sincerely,

: : Miles

: Miles.....
: I understand Hep c is a retro virus. This means to me that a person can contract it and have no symptoms for many years if at all. One couple I know have been married for 28 years. The male thinks he contracted HCV 30 years ago due to iv drug use, he has only recently began to show signs of fatigue and his liver functions are up some. His liver biopsy showed no signs of liver damage. His wife tests positive for HCV but her liver function tests are normal. She is very active and shows no signs of fatigue. She says she fels normal.

: Another couple I know have been together for 8 years. The male has tested positive for HCV and went on a course of Alpha Interferon which he claims he had no side effects from the therapy and it brought his liver functions (AST, ALT)
: Back to a normal level. Incidently his wife has never tested positive for HCV.

: Remember Hep C is a blood born virus and there has been no conclusive evidence that it can be transmitted any other way than blood to blood contact. HCV is a serious matter so try and avoid any and all contact with anything that your father uses that might have his blood on it that your body could absorb through an open wound.

: Gather all the information you can about HCV. This can help relieve much of your anxiety.

: Scot......

: It might be wise for anyone in the family to be tested for HCV. It seems that those that have it in its less severe stages are more likely to respond to available treatment.

Dear Scott,

My husband is 44 and found out 4 years ago that he had hepC when his friend found out he had it from the australian Red Cross blood bank. They figured they got it when they were both 19 trying IV drugs once! Anyway, apart from feeling really rotten whenever he got drunk, there is absolutely no sign he has had it for 25 years. I have been with him for 24 of those years and we have been sharing a toothbrush and shaving (my legs - I pinch his shaver) for 20 years. Apparently that is the most common way it can pass between "lovers" I have not got it ( I have also stopped using his toothbrush!) We have two kids 15 and 13 and when my son took up football a couple of years ago we had them both tested. They were negative. My husband has cirrocis (sorry, can't spell it) of the liver and they did say 4 years ago that he would need a liver transplant in 10 years (6 yrs now). Still there is no signs and he runs his own business and works long hours. His specialist says that as there are no other abnormal liver function except for high ALT (338)he should be able to function well for the next 20 years and then who knows what medicine they will have invented. We actually went on a drug trial of Ribaviron and interferon - they say that it has 50% chance of fixing you - didn't work for my husband as his liver is too badly damaged. However, his friend who caught it at the same time has no liver damage and no high blood tests. I think it is because his family history maybe makes him more prone to liver damage. I am sure you will all calm down and realise that life does go on without too many changes. Best Regards Carolyn.

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