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Re: Diet, Nutrition ?

Re: Diet, Nutrition ?

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Posted by thanbey on March 14, 2000 at 11:15:41:

In Reply to: Diet, Nutrition ? posted by Stormy on March 13, 2000 at 18:28:34:

a: I am searching for good advice for the meals I prepare for my HepC+ hubby. I have been tested 2x's in 2 yrs but it's shown 'indeterminate' both times. (nurse said it means my body is fighting it).

: Anyway, what I am looking for, until our insurance kicks in next month & we can look at other treatments, is a good diet to help him onto the right track. We own our own biz and its very rigorous work (htg & cooling) for him. I don't want to see him get very ill. He is one of the happiest-go-lucky persons I've ever known and I'd hate to see illness take that away!

: By God's grace, we will overcome this illness. And I don't plan to use 'protection' as they say, since we've been married 10 yrs! That's rediculous to ask of a monagamous we plan to fight this every way we can!

: Thank you and God bless...

Hi Stormy,

Your husband is very lucky to have someone like you who is so committed to his health.

I have two things to offer you:

1) Healthy well balanced meals are the ticket. There is little in the way of solid recommendations coming from the liver conferences or the researchers. Patients have many opinions based on what is bouncing around the internet at any given time.

Sleep and rest are extremely important and should not be overlooked. Having your own business will mke that difficult, but it should be a priority. It will be much easier having your support and understanding.

Check with his specialist before offering up any supplements. A multi-vitamin is usually okay, but there are those with excessive iron in the blood who should not have iron supplemented. Again, the doctor will guide you on this.

Your husband should not drink alcohol (or anything containing alcohol) or smoke cigarettes (or anything else). Over the counter mediations should be approved by his physician.

I have found that hearty soups and stews at lunchtime keep the energy level up. I recently heard a researcher suggest that fasting for long periods of time may be something to avoid. So, healthy snacks?

2) There should be no such thing as "indeterminate" with the curently available tests. As soon as your insurance kicks in, have a more sophisticated test for HCV. You should insist on this so that you know for sure whether or not you are positive. There are tests available that can tell you.
No matter what, do not let yourself be talked out of this. Until you know you do not have HCV, treat yourself as though you do by not drinking any alcohol or smoking.

Those of us who work in this field have seen many who believe a monogomous relationship is one at least two weeks old! It is difficult to get across the definitions across a broad populatin of people.

In science, monogomous means one partner, ever. Few people define it that way outside the research community. Most people mean that they have currently got one sexual partner when they think of monogomous. The decison about whether or not to use condoms must be based on the comfort level of both partners, and must be made between the two people. I hear from many couples who struggle with this.

I hope this helps.


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