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Bad, bad news from the Liver biopsy...I desperately, desperately need encouraging words!

Bad, bad news from the Liver biopsy...I desperately, desperately need encouraging words!

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Posted by Tray on June 12, 2000 at 00:06:59:

I don't know if anyone remembers that I posted a message recently about my husband undergoing a liver biopsy. Well, we got the results and it ain't good.

Maybe you guys can clarify this for me. She said he between stage 3 and 4. That stage 4 is cirrhosis. Is that right? Is my memory right? He got Hep C probably about 20 years ago or so and he has drank VERY heavily over these years. He stopped drinking heavily about 5 years ago (down to a six pack a week, instead of a day). He stopped completely drinking about eight months ago.

We started seeing a pretty good doctor. Supposedly, she's well-known. Her personality sucks, her name is Melissa Palmer. She wrote a book on liver disease.

We are starting on the pegylated inteferon study (is that the right name for it?), along with Ribaviran. And of course, he has Genotype 1, the kind that does not respond well. Sorry if the spellings are not right.

I left the office and told my husband that I would meet him outside. And I cried my eyes out. I cried and cried. Never did I expect her to say that his disease was as progressed as it is. We just found out about his hepatitis 5 months ago, how can this be?

Please everyone respond to this message with some encouragement that my husband is not going to die from this? That he can have a long life with this disease.

It's hard to cheer him up when everything I read is not good, it's depressing me, too.

Thanks so much...I really need support and I'm extremely thankful to anyone who has the time to lend some words to help us get through this.

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